5 Easy Tikka Recipes You Can Try Over The Weekend
Image Credit: Who can even say no to these succulent delights basted with tantalising spices?

Let’s admit it, tikkas are one of the most popular Indian snacks to relish on every occasion. Be it a small get-together at home, a dinner party or a festivity, these smoky and juicy chunks of veggies or meat is just the perfect fit. Who can even say no to these succulent delights basted with tantalising spices, marinated and cooked over metal skewers in a fiery tandoor or oven for flavourful treat? The best part is that besides relishing them as is, you can even wrap it in a paratha or roti for a wholesome meal of a roll in lunch or dinner! If you love to indulge in a rich curry, you can also simply toss these tikkas into one.

And if you are someone who is always on a lookout for such interesting delights to cook at home, look no further. We’ve got some of the most amazing recipes to make soft, succulent and juicy tikkas at home.  Yes, you can make them at home for real. Here are 5 easy tikka recipes that you can try at home. Serve them with sliced onions and a squeeze of lemon on top for a quick and delicious affair.

Perhaps one of the easiest chicken tikka recipes you’ll come across. Chicken chunks marinated in a host of spices and chillies and cooked over a non-stick pan, if you are someone new to trying tikkas at home, this recipe has to be it.

Give the regular tandoori tikkas a break and try this healthy version of fish tikkas. Marinated in a pool of spices, chillis, curd and lemon, soft fish chunks are baked for just about five minutes. Seems to be the quickest tikka recipe to us. 

This easy recipe has paneer chunks coated in a special achari masala, lending a tantalising unique flavour to the cottage cheese cubes. The masala is made with a mix of fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and cumin seeds, in which the paneer cubes are added with yogurt and ginger garlic. Grilled until smoky and brown, you are sure to get hooked.

For all those mushroom lovers, this tikka is sure to be your new favourite. Marinated mushrooms skewered with capsicums and onions and grilled to perfection sounds like the ideal snack to try on weekends.

A vegetarian’s dream-come-true, this soya chaap tikka is all things delicious. With chaap cut into pieces, tossed in with cream and curd, this tikka is a must try.  

So, which one are you trying this weekend?