5 DIY Cake Pops That You Can Add To Your Homemade Gift Hampers

Whether a kitty party or a small gathering of friends and loved ones, presenting people with gift hampers while sending them off is a nice touch. It shows how much they mean to you. However, if those hampers are homemade, they convey how much you love your guests and would like them to visit you again.

Video Credit: Anisha Recipe/ YouTube

Brownies, chocolates, muffins, and a few other desserts are the best picks for these homemade gift hampers. Among these, you can also throw in a few cake pops. Usually, cake pops are used as a part of decorating a cake, but adding them to hampers will elevate the appearance and add some pop of colour as well. Here are some ideas.

Sunshine Cake Pops

Whether it is summer, winter, or monsoon, you can add sunshine cake pops to the mix. Make these in orange or lemon flavour (also among vibrant hues that the sun reflects). You can use yellow candies for the centre and orange icing to draw rays. You can also add eyes and mouth to make the pops more attractive. You can also add them over brownies or make a bunch of small shining suns and pack them. If you present them to children, they will instantly want to eat them.

Rainbow Cake Pop

If you are hosting a gathering in the monsoon, you can make rainbow cake pops not just to decorate the dessert but also to pack and add to the DIY gift hamper. You can use white chocolate as the base and keep the flavour of the pop vanilla. You can dip the chocolate in natural colours so that the rainbow appears vibrant. You can also add rainbow sprinkles or use colour icing as well. 

Flower Cake Pop

Flower cake pop is also a good idea for a gift hamper. It will make the other delicacies in the basket appear pretty and enticing. Keep rose or lavender as the base flavour and dip pastel-coloured candies in edible flower decorations. You can also use colourful icing to draw petals and attach them to candy melts. Craft pops in lavender, pink, yellow, blue, orange, pink, and other hues along with green leaves, and throws them in the basket.

Cloud Cake Pop

Cloud cake pop is the easiest to make because you do not need many colours. White and blue hues will do the job just fine. With a coconut or vanilla base, you can create little adorable clouds using white chocolate and fluffy cotton candies. You can also use marshmallows for the spongy effect. If you have black icing, you can make different kinds of faces on cloud cake pops and impress your guests.

Raindrop Cake Pop 

You can choose whether you would like to make raindrops or snowflake cake pops. Both can be made with a blueberry or lemon base for a tangy flavour. You can dip candy melts in white icing to create raindrop shapes. If you are making snowflakes, you can use icing to craft the spikes. To make the drops and flakes look real, sprinkle some edible sparkle and pack the pops.