5 Different Types Of Panjiri To Try This Winter Season
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Panjiri is a popular Indian dessert that is made from ingredients like desi ghee and wheat flour. It is also a very famous Prasad that is offered to God on special occasions like Janmashtami. You will also see this being distributed in many temples and shrines. Other than having a religious significance, panjiri is extremely delicious and surprisingly very easy to cook. Also, it is made from many nutritious ingredients and is healthy for the body, especially during winter when your body needs extra nourishment and warmth. Let's look at some delicious varieties of panjiri that you can try making at home.

* Gond Panjiri

Gond Panjiri is a popular kind of Panjiri that is made with the help of ground and many other ingredients. To make this dessert all you have to do is pre-heat some Desi ghee in a pan and stir fry gond until it becomes properly transparent. Now take excess oil from your gond and transfer it to another pan that already has grated coconut and sugar added to it. Add lots of chopped dry fruits like almonds, cashews and other dryness of your choice. Also, add some wheat flour and whisk everything properly until the Mr turns into a brown colour. Add 2 tablespoons of ghee for more moisture. Turn off the heat and add some powdered sugar again which makes everything very well. Your panjiri is ready.

* Traditional Panjiri

To make this Panjiri dry, roast your whole wheat flour in a pan and let it turn golden brown properly. Now add some ghee and continue roasting the flower until it absorbs the ghee. Then add your roasted cashews and almonds and still everything until the mixture is roasted completely. Turn off the flame and add your powdered sugar as well as reasons to the mixture. This is probably the easiest and fastest way of making panjiri at home. Also, you can see this recipe gets prepared in no time and requires some of the basic ingredients that are generally available at home.

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* Dhanya Panjiri

To make this Panjiri you will need roasted lotus seeds as well as dry nuts. You can roast them yourself by taking a spoonful of ghee in a pan and cooking your lotus seeds and dry fruits inside it. Now cook your coriander powder in a separate pan on a low flame. Transfer this coriander powder into another bowl, and add some other spices like cardamom powder, along with grated coconut, melon, seeds, lotus seeds, raisins and almonds. Add sugar and stir the mixture continuously until everything is evenly divided. You can enjoy your Dhaniya Panjiri. This is another recipe that gets prepared in under 15 minutes and can be an instant rescue if you want to cook something sweet for your unanticipated guests.

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* Nariyal Panjiri

To make this Panjiri, you can dry roast your grated coconut along with musk melon seeds. Now keep everything aside and in a separate pan boil some water along with sugar. Your sugar syrup should have a string consistency. Now add your grated coconut along with musk melon seeds into the sugar syrup. After letting this mixture cook for some time, pour it on a grease plate and sprinkle some finely chopped dry fruits over it. Press everything with the help of a spoon. The Nariyal Panjiri is ready. 

* Dry Fruits Panjiri

Dry fruits Panjiri is another special kind of Panjiri that is primarily made from dry fruits and nuts. You can also use lotus seeds in this recipe. Fry the nuts of your choice along with lotus seeds in a pan for 5 to 6 minutes. Now add crushed pistachios along with some cardamom powder and melon seeds to roasted wheat flour and roast everything together for 5 to 7 minutes. Then to this mixture add some ground, almonds, cashews and lotus seeds. Roast this entire mixture properly on low flame. Now, after removing the mixture from the heat, make some sugar to complete this preparation.

These are some of the best panjiri recipes that you can try making at home. By looking at these recipes, it’s clear that making a panjiri at home is extremely easy and hassle-free