5 Different Types Of Dough To Make Using An Atta Kneader
Image Credit: Glen India

Freshly made dough can impact the flavour of your final dish greatly. The virtues of taking a bite of fresh pasta or sinking your teeth into a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven are well-known. However, while traditional techniques to make dough might be a time-consuming process, taking the help of equipment like Glen’s Bread Maker & Atta Kneader can produce exceptional results on days when cooking feels like a chore than a fun activity. With 12 different settings for a variety of breads, and fully automatic kneading and baking functions for bread, simple pleasures are only one touch of a button away.

Bread Dough

Whether you plan on making a simple milk loaf or a delicious sheet of focaccia, bread dough can take its own time to proof and rise before it is ready. Make sure you keep a close eye during the second proof and watch your dough rise to the perfect bouncy texture, giving you the perfect aeration that forms a delicious crust.

Pasta Dough

Handmade pasta can be a delightful personal touch while hosting friends or family over for dinner. Use the atta kneader to give you the smoothest, evenly combined dough – which you can then transform into various shapes of your choice. Experiment with egg-based or semolina based dough variations to see what works better for you. Cook your fresh pasta in boiling water for not more than 3-4 minutes, and toss in a flavoursome sauce.

Pizza Dough

Making pizza at home is one of the most engaging activities that can also leave scope for children to help around in the kitchen. Once your pizza dough has been kneaded and proofed, roll it out into a crust of your preferred thickness, that you can top up with cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, vegetables and cold cuts. Use leftover pizza dough to make lunch or dinner rolls that are perfectly portable snacks to enjoy on-the-go.

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Chapati Dough

Unlike most other leavened dough varieties, dough for chapatis are a fairly staple affair in most Indian homes. If you’re rushing to get dinner on the table after a hectic day, trust the atta kneader to have your dough ready before you call roll out rotis, puri, parathas and kulchas to enjoy with curries or dal. Add spices and aromatics to your dough mixture while it kneads, to make flatbreads like Sindhi koki or thepla.

Cinnamon Roll Dough

Like bread dough, the dough for cinnamon rolls have to undergo pretty much the same kind of treatment and process before they are layered with the warm spice mixture and baked until golden-brown. Frost your rolls with a light royal icing or a luscious cream cheese one, depending on your mood – and pair with a cup of strong black coffee for breakfast.