5 Diabetes-Friendly Low-Carb Dinners

Dealing with diabetes means paying close attention to diet and exercise routines. Keeping blood sugar levels in check for Type 2 diabetes patients is a continued task. It is necessary to keep an eye on what is being eaten and the effect those foods will have on insulin control. Light, early dinners, small meals and intermittent fasting are often recommended for diabetics to contain the impact of insulin resistance. 

Significantly, eating a low-carb dinner is recommended for diabetics to fulfil the necessary nutrient requirements and fuel the body with energy. Instead of cutting out carbs altogether, it is possible to go for some low-carb, high protein alternatives that promote good health, prevent blood sugar levels from spiking and encourage a good night's sleep. Read on below for some low-carb dinner options for diabetics. Make sure you make a diet plan in consultation with your physician for optimum results!

Roast Chicken And Potatoes

For a low-carb dinner, have a bit of roast chicken paired with boiled potatoes. Ghee roast chicken is a good alternative to provide the body with essential fats and infuse some flavour into the dish. Season the potatoes lightly with salt, pepper and some chilli powder. Try to eat dinner early and control portion size for better insulin control.

Dal Makhani And Brown Rice

'Dal-bhat power, 24-hour,' goes the old adage so, a small portion of warm rice and dal makhani especially on chilly, monsoon evenings makes for a good dinner alternative. Dal makhani can be savoured with just a bit of ghee, but try to keep the portion of dal higher than rice for a truly low-carb meal.

Chana Masala And Steamed Vegetables

Chana or chickpeas will provide the body with a healthy dose of proteins. Have chana with steamed vegetables instead of puris or chapatis for a healthier option. Chickpeas subzi can be mixed into steamed carrots, peas, cabbages, onions packing the meal with nutrients and taste. Season veggies very lightly so that the flavour of the chickpeas curry flows into them.

Okra Subzi And Whole Wheat Chapati

Bhindi or okra is healthy, nourishing and almost certainly enjoyed by most adults and kids alike. A bit of stir-fried okra with onions and tomatoes had with a small whole wheat chapati is a low-carb alternative for diabetics. Have just one or two chapatis and more of subzi for a healthier option. You can also do away with the chapati and have okra with a light, warm salad.

Grilled Paneer And Boiled Vegetables

Grill some chunks of paneer and season them well in Indian masalas and condiments for an aromatic, flavourful meal. Instead of rice or chapati, go for boiled vegetables to reduce carb intake. Vegetables like carrots, beets, French beans contain tons of nutrients and fibre making them nourishing options to pair with paneer.