5 Desi Salad Recipes That Can Be Made With Common Ingredients
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Eating right is one of the most important steps towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eradicating junk food is not only necessary to control one's weight but also important to give the body the needed nourishment. In the long run, if a person doesn't have a balanced diet, then it can lead to multiple nutritional deficiencies and the development of chronic diseases. Salads are an extremely healthy way of eating the right amount of nutrients and proteins and also filling one's stomach properly.

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Since salads are made from vegetables, they are extremely fibrous and make a person feel full even if they eat them in small quantities. The source of protein present in salads also gives the body the needed nourishment and energy. Salads provide a lot of room for experimentation. But most people avoid eating salad because it's expensive and is prepared by using some extra vegan vegetables. Here are some simple salad recipes that are prepared from common ingredients available in the kitchen.

* Beetroot And Cucumber Salad

Beetroot and cucumber salad is prepared by using some cucumbers and beetroots. Both of these are filled with a lot of antioxidants and are also very low in calories. To make the salad, one has to simply chop the vegetables into small pieces. Now these vegetables have to be put in a bowl, and one can add some sources of protein. As per the preference, one may choose some shredded chicken, paneer, tofu, or even boiled lentils. On top, simply squeeze some lemon and add some salt and pepper. This is a simple salad recipe that gets repaired in almost no time.

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* Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad is a salad recipe that doesn't even taste like a salad and tastes more like a chaat. It is a delicious salad that can be prepared by boiling some chickpeas and taking some vegetables. One may go for the common vegetables like onions, tomatoes, some carrots and capsicums. all of these vegetables must be chopped properly and then added into a bowl. Now, for the vegetables, one can add boiled chickpeas along with some common seasonings like salt and black pepper. To prepare the dressing, one has to mix 1/4 cup of olive oil with some lemon juice, chilli and a little bit of mustard sauce. Mix the dressing with the salad properly.

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* Mango Salad

Mango Salad is the perfect salad for people who want to eat something sweet but avoid eating unhealthy desserts. Mango, which is called the king of fruits, is a deliciously sweet fruit. Very often, a person ends up eating a lot of mangoes which can be quite unhealthy. The right way to eat mangoes is by making a salad of mangoes so that one can enjoy its sweetness, but in a limited quantity that would not harm one's health. Take some mangoes and slice them into small pieces. Now take some red bell peppers and mint leaves and mix them all together. This will create a delicious and crunchy salad that comes with the goodness of bell peppers and mint leaves.

* Rajma Salad

Just like chickpea salad, rajma salad is also a healthy and simple salad that can be prepared at home by using whatever is in the kitchen already. Just take some Rajmas and boil it properly. Now to prepare the salad, one would need some fresh vegetables like tomatoes, spring onions, cabbages, capsicum, and any other vegetable of choice. Also, arrange for some peanuts, although it is not a necessary step, and one can easily skip it. Mix all these ingredients properly, and as a seasoning, add some salt, black pepper, and red chilli. Complete the salad by drizzling some lemon juice.

* Green Papaya Salad

This is a salad that can be made with some shredded papayas. Papaya is an extremely healthy fruit, and other than eating ripe papaya as a fruit, raw papayas can be used to make a lot of sabzis and salads. One can take the help of a grater to shred raw papaya into a proper shape. Now add some other complementary vegetables like cucumber, carrots, onions, and tomatoes, along with some mint leaves. The dressing of the salad can be prepared by mixing some olive oil with ginger-garlic paste, lime juice, red, chilli, salt and black pepper. A small amount of honey can also be added. This dressing has to be mixed with the papaya salad properly before being served.