Love Salads? 6 Salad Sauces You Must Stock

Salads get a bad reputation; often cordoned off as bland and boring. But that is not really true, a bowl of salad is only as good as the sauce that covers it. Cutting, peeling and chopping of veggies and greens is an unfruitful venture if you just sprinkle some salt, pepper and lemon juice and call it a day. Listen to your salad and drizzle on some great sauces. 

Now, you can make some great vinaigrettes at home but who has the time to do it all scratch? So, get your hands on some store-bought sauces and make some at-home easy salad dressing with them.

Light Mayo

All the taste and none of the calories. Light mayo is a great sauce to have in your arsenal if salads are on your mind. Most mayo is quite thick, so you can water it down with some vinegar for some extra bit of zig.


The importance of vinegar can not be overstated. And luckily for us, there is a ton of vinegar available in the market. If you like a punch to your sales go for regular white vinegar but if you have a more refined taste stock some red white or white vinegar. But if you enjoy salads frequently and don’t mind the splurge - buy balsamic vinegar. Just a hint of this stuff can make such a difference. 

Honey Mustard

Whenever you are in the mood for something sweet and spicy, honey mustard should definitely become your go too. It works well not just with veggies but also with croutons and cheese. 

Hot Sauce

Need to bring in some heat? A little dash of hot sauce goes a long way. Mix the hot sauce with some mayo and get a wonderful dressing. Or use the hot sauce as is to give your meal a spicy kick. 

Teriyaki Sauce

Want to expose your salads to some Asian flavours? Teriyaki sauce is the way to go. It’s packed with that salty umami flavour and nice ginger citrusy hit. 

Worcestershire Sauce

This fermented sauce is an absolute must if you love to prepare Caesar or horseradish dressing from scratch. You can also combine it with some mayonnaise to make savoury and sweet yet adventurous salad dressing.