5 Delicious Protein-rich Soups You Cannot Miss
Image Credit: Unsplash

When the weather begins to cool, nothing beats warm, comforting soups and stews. Although soups aren't simply filling, many people enjoy soups and stews, especially in the fall and winter months. You eat them, and then you're hungry again in an hour or two! That, of course, is not enjoyable. That is why we have compiled a list of protein-rich soups that will satisfy you and keep you full for a long time.

1. Lasagna Soup

If you want to make lasagna but don't want to put in the effort, make this lasagna soup instead. It has all of your favourite lasagna ingredients and is just as flavorful and filling. Fortunately, it only takes 15 minutes to prepare and 35 minutes to cook. It also contains 39 grams of protein per serving! 

2. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is another hearty, filling soup that's ideal if you're looking for a taste of the south of the border. Garlic, onions, chicken broth, salsa, chicken breasts, two different kinds of cheese, two different types of beans, corn, tortilla chips, and more will be added. It's spicy but not scorching, and the tortilla strips add a satisfying crunch that not all soups have.

The best part is that, despite its lengthy ingredient list, it only takes 40 minutes to prepare and cook.

3. Chicken And Orzo Soup

This creamy, chunky soup isn't as well-known as chicken noodle soup, but it deserves to be. It's just as delicious and filling - perhaps even more so!

It has a rich, flavorful broth that's garlicky, herby, and completely delicious, and the chunks of chicken and tender vegetables are a real treat.

4. Brazilian Shrimp Soup

Brazilian shrimp soup, also known as Moqueca de Camarao, is a popular dish in Brazil. It has the bright zing of tomatoes and lemon juice, as well as the creaminess of coconut milk. There's also rice, fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, and tender, juicy shrimp. It's amazing.

5. Indian Mulligatawny Soup

You probably think of chicken tikka masala, naan, or fish curry when you think of Indian food. This Indian Mulligatawny soup may not come to mind right away, but give it a try and it will. It's thick and spicy, and it's packed with healthy ingredients like onions, jalapenos, apples, lentils, vegetable broth, ginger root, and a slew of other herbs and spices.

It's also vegetarian (and easily veganized by substituting oil for butter) and takes less than an hour to prepare.