5 Delicious Dishes You Can Prepare With Leftover Christmas Cake

Christmas is a grand festival that is widely celebrated all over the world. With prayers, carols, church visits, exchange of gifts and cards, it marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Food is also an integral part of this festival. On Christmas Eve the whole family joins together and relishes a lavish feast that includes dishes like roasted turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, chicken and so on. 

When it comes to desserts of the feast, cakes are our top choice. It is a tradition to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ with decadent cake. Be it a homemade one or brought from the bakery, this sweet treat is definitely the showstopper of Christmas dinner. But what to do with the leftover cake on the next day? Most of us either discard it or store the slices in the refrigerator to finish it later on. 

If you are also worried about the leftover Christmas cake, here are five delightful recipes you can prepare with them the next day: 

Christmas Cake Brownie

Brownies are a delicious dessert that everyone loves. So, why not transform your Christmas cake into yummy brownies and serve them as a dessert for the next dinner. All you have to do is combine the leftover cake with dark chocolate, eggs, caster sugar, cocoa powder and flour and bake until perfection. 

Christmas Cake Parfaits

These parfaits are an excellent way to finish up your leftover Christmas cake. Prepared within half an hour, the main ingredients of this sweet treat are dark rum, vanilla ice cream, heavy cream and candied fruit. You can also use your fruitcake for this recipe. Christmas cake parfaits are best served when chilled. 

Christmas Cake Trifle

Trifle is an irresistible dessert that is ideal for every occasion. Made with orange, demerara sugar, Grand Marnier, pot custard, mascarpone and pot double cream, it can be made with both pudding as well as cake. You can also garnish the Christmas cake trifle with toasted flaked almonds and grated dark chocolate. 

Christmas Cake Souffles

If nobody is willing to finish the leftover cake, do try this simple yet delicious treat. Prepared within half an hour, you can use both fruitcake as well as Christmas cake for the recipe. The main ingredients of this dish are golden caster sugar, egg whites, butter, readymade custard, leftover cake and caramel sauce. 

Festive Baked Alaska

This is an interesting way to use your leftover Christmas cake. Prepared in less than a half an hour, it is made with caramel ice cream, black cherry conserve, vanilla ice cream, egg whites, castor sugar and leftover Christmas cake. Just remember to remove the icing from the cake. If it is a bit dry drizzle some splash of brandy or rum over it.