5 Delicious Desserts To Make From Black Grapes
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Grapes are rich in vitamin C and also have antioxidants. Black grapes become abundantly available during the winter season and you will get the best quality of these groups from December to January. Although you can find black grapes throughout the year, the variety that you find during the winter season is incomparable. These grapes are dominantly sweet and have certain flavours of tanginess. These are rich in vitamin A, and antioxidants and also help in reducing cholesterol levels in our body. These are a delicious winter snack and other than eating them as it is, you can also try making a lot of delicious desserts with the help of these grapes. 

* Black Grape Sorbet

This is a very interesting dessert recipe that can be made within a few minutes. It needs a high freezing time so you must make it ahead of time and store it in the freezer for a couple of hours before eating it. All you need to make this sorbet are seedless black grapes, lemon juice, and sugar. Blend all these ingredients in a blender very smoothly and pour them into a bowl. Freeze this overnight and enjoy the next day by sprinkling some blueberries on the top. You can also enjoy this with a piece of cake if you want.

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* Black Grape Popsicles 

Making grape popsicles can also be a great idea for enjoying some homemade popsicles in the winter season. These popsicles are free from any chemicals and a healthy alternative to the market-available popsicles. To make these popsicles at home, you need some water, sugar and some black grapes. First of all, you need to make a sugar syrup with the help of sugar and water and heat it until the sugar gets properly dissolved. Now take the grapes in a blender and make a very fine puree out of it. Strain this puree with the help of a strainer to extract juice out of the puree. Now add sugar syrup to this mixture and blend everything well. Transfer this into a jug and do not fill it too much. Let it cool down for some time and then transfer the mixture into your popsicle moulds. Let it freeze for 6 to 8 hours before enjoying it.

* Black Grape Cake

This is a delicious cake recipe that is made with the help of black grapes and it is also vegan. This cake is made by mixing your regular cake ingredients like all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt, milk, vegetable oil, lemon juice, vanilla, essence, and some powdered sugar with grape puree. You can also choose to add the chopped slices of grapes if you like eating chunks of grapes in your cakes. Put this in the oven and heat it at 350°F for 50 minutes. Keep checking your cake in between to make sure that it doesn't get burnt. You can enjoy this cake by spreading some black grape jam on the top.

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* Black Grape Cookie

This is a delicious cookie recipe that you can make at home by taking some simple ingredients. This includes taking a cup of some sugar, two eggs, 3 cups of flour, one pinch of salt and 300gm of softened butter. Make chewy cookies out of this batter. Now to prepare icing, take some powdered sugar, 1 cup of soft butter, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, and two tablespoons of black grape juice. These are the ingredients that you need to make the icing for your black grape cookie. Spread some icing on the top of your big cookie and cover it with another cookie. This is a sandwich cookie recipe that has the dominant flavours of black grapes. 

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* Black Grape Bread

This is another delicious yet simple recipe that you can try making at home with the help of sweet and juicy black grapes. If you are tired of eating banana bread regularly, then try making black grape bread. It will be a wonderful change for your taste buds. To make this bread, you will first need to preheat your oven to 350°F. Now you will need cinnamon, black grapes, baking powder, eggs, vanilla, sugar, salt and oil to bake your grape bread. Combine all of these ingredients and whisk them to avoid any clumps. Transfer this batch to your oven and let it bake at 350°F for at least an hour.

These are some delectable desserts made out of black grapes that you can try making at home. This is the season of delicious and beautiful black grapes. So do not miss the opportunity to utilise this fruit as much as you can.