5 Delicious Desi Delights To Relish In Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink City of Rajasthan, is one of India’s most visited places. The city proudly represents the heritage of Rajasthan and its age-old culture to the world with all its beauty and grandeur. A few days to a week in Jaipur features on the bucket list of most travelling enthusiasts visiting India for its unique blend of modernity and culture. 

Jaipur’s culinary graph is also painted with a traditional touch. Heritage Bazaars of Jaipur are sketched with many legendary and traditional eateries. There are numerous cafes and carts around town serving innovative street food, be it breakfast or an evening snack, traditional regional meals, or simply a cup of ‘Desi Chai’; Jaipur holds its fort strong on all fronts.

The capital of Rajasthan boasts an unending list of terrific dishes to try; however, to kickstart your exploration, we bring to you these five amazing desi dishes you must try to get a fair experience of the city’s culinary vibe.


Nothing else will introduce the city of Jaipur better than a cup of tea at any of its famous tea stalls. Be it your morning cuppa, for a short evening break, or for a late-night hangout, Jaipur has a tea place for every occasion, and that’s where the love for the pink city grows. 

You can start your day with a cup of Chai at the famous ‘Gulab Ji Chai wale’ and be amazed by the number of tea lovers in wait even before the place opens its doors. People of all ages prefer Gulab Ji chai for its famous brew and delicious snacks like their famous ‘kachori’, ‘Samosa’, or even a generously buttered ‘Bun Makkhan’.

In the heart of Pink City, near Bapu Bazaar, a slightly slow-paced but no less charming tea stall is ‘Sahu ki Chai’. Office goers, shopping enthusiasts, travellers and students can all be seen patiently observing the chai taking its cyclic boil up to the brim of the pan and back until its desirably ‘kadak’ and ready to be served.

‘Dany Chai’ at Jhalupura is known for its butter tea and Dany’s showmanship. If you are from an adventurous lot, visiting Dany’s tea shop late at night can be a thing to enjoy. The street is filled with Dany’s fans and seems no less than a celebration being part of all the fun and banter that goes around at Dany’s over a few cups of tea.

Raja Park area is another hot favourite place for late-night hangouts where you can enjoy with a cup of tea. The ‘Kulhad Chai’  and the happy and happening vibe of Raja Park is an unmissable part of being at ‘Go-sips Chai and Cafe’.


Arguably Rajasthan’s staple breakfast dish is a ‘Kachori’. The stuffed and deep-fried savoury snack of Rajasthan has many variants, with each city having its unique style of preparation. In Jaipur, ‘Dal Kachori and Pyaaz ki kachori’ is famous and can be found at most of the city’s sweet shops and halwais.

‘Pyaaz ki Kachori’ at Rawat Mishthan Bhandaar is a must-try. Crispy, spicy pyaaz ki kachori has the delicious flavour of garlic and chilli, a classic combination that is hard to resist.   Another unique kachori you get at Rawat Mishthan is the sweet ‘Mawa Kachori’ stuffed with mawa and served dipped in ‘chaashni’; it tastes divine.

While on a shopping spree at Pink city’s famous Johri bazaar, head to the delicious street called ‘Ghee walo ka Rasta’, a hub for traditional food joints of Jaipur, and try the kachori at Shree Ram Chaat Bhandar. Dal stuffed kachori is served with chutney, yoghurt, and a sprinkle of ‘Bhujia’ to add a unique edge to the taste.

Another delicious find for you would be the ‘Kota Kachori – Falahaar’, which serves a collection of traditional snacks and sweet items, all of which are high quality and exclusive in their taste. It would be sinful not to try their urad dal stuffed kachori, which has become my personal favourite and an eternal craving I keep looking for reasons to fulfil.


This triangular-shaped spiced potato stuffed fried snack is a popular dish in most north Indian cities; however, the quality and popularity of Jaipur’s Samosa is hard to beat. To testify the claim, head straight to Shankar Samosa in Raja Park and enjoy the pleasures of being a foodie in the samosa-loving city of Jaipur.

You can explore samosa in a unique avatar at the city’s oldest and most famous sweet shop, Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar. ‘Samosa Roll’ of LMB is out of the box in its shape; however, it hits just the right notes on the palate.


Walking through Johri Bazaar, you can find a small but busy cart selling Jaipur’s style of Chole Kulche or Matra Kulcha. Matra (Chickpeas) is slowly and continuously simmered over coal embers, which gives it a unique taste and differentiates it from Delhi’s version of the dish. ‘Matra’ with added spices,  squeezed lemon, and chopped coriander, with a side of onions and green chilies, is served along with a crispy kulcha pan fried with butter, making it an irresistible pairing, a definite must try when in Johri Bazaar.

In the city’s happening neighbourhood of Raja Park is Pali’s Dhaba, which is famous for its Punjabi food served in a traditional setting. Guests sit on khaats (Hand Woven Cots), and warm-hearted Renu Ji and her family serves guests the native Punjabi food with regional pride.

The Amritsari kulchas served at Pali’s Dhaba are par excellence. Under the watchful eyes of Sardarji ( Renu Ji’s husband), each of the crispy kulcha's gets a generous helping of butter and is served along with Amritsari chole, an imli and onion chutney, which is unique to the gastronomical city of Amritsar.

Bejad Roti with Pyaaz Ki Sabzi

This ultimate combination of multigrain Rajasthani roti served along with the traditional preparation of ‘Pyaaz ki Sabzi’ is one of Jaipur's most authentic Rajasthani meals.

‘Mahavir Prasad Rabdi Wala’ is famous for preparing this native dish of the region. Their version of the curry, with the addition of crispy baby potatoes and cottage cheese, served along with the accompaniments of garlic chutney, ‘Mirchi ke Tipore’ and raita, makes it a complete meal to be enjoyed with the nutritious indigenous bread, ‘Bejad Ki Roti’.

Above mentioned five iconic food items of Jaipur would put you in good stead to explore the range of food the city offers. Its iconic markets have multiple lanes, all dotted with hidden/

Sidharth Bhan Gupta is a Hospitality/F&B Consultant travelling across India exploring regional cuisines.