Picture this: It is 2 AM; you are working late or are on a movie marathon over the weekend but the only thing missing is some snacks to munch on. Your fridge isn't stocked, and you are way too lazy to cook something up. But well, you are luckily in Delhi, a city that can never run out of options to eat, even past midnight! So if you, too, are a midnight owl who is usually up till late and have cravings that never settle for less, here are five of the best food delivery options you can vouch on the way past midnight.

1. Moolchand Paratha

Anyone fond of loaded, wholesome parathas would know the legendary Moolchand ke parathe. Situated next to Moolchand metro station, the hub of various parathas is live and bustling for more than 50 years now with a loyal fanbase that includes Shah Rukh Khan! While it is open till midnight now, one can find a crown even till the last serving, drooling over soya paratha, keema paratha and so on.

2. Baking Bad

The perfect cure to your pizza cravings, Baking Bad, allows you to make your pizza by choosing the crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings along with a side of sliders or hummus-pita! And well, you can order in anytime up until 4 AM!

3. Asian Haus

A luxurious Asian meal right at your doorstep, Asian Haus is a gourmet delivering kitchen that changes the way you see pan-Asian cuisine. Nosh on steaming dumplings, fried rice and more.


4. Bun Intended

Craving burgers? Or all things American? Bun Intended has got your back with their irresistibly delicious gourmet burgers that have created quite a stir in Delhi’s food circuit. Order in from their three outlets spread across Vasant Kunj, GK-1 and Malviya Nagar.

5. Joker On Wheels

Get the best of desi Chinese for your midnight munch from joker on wheels, which delivers from GK, South Ex and Gurugram up until 4 AM!