5 Delectable Chicken Noodle Recipes That You Must Try
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In the vast vortex of many international and regional cuisines that people in India like to enjoy, noodles occupy a very significant place. Although these are not native to India, people in the country have accepted them with open arms and given a lot of love. 

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Noodles are made in a lot of different ways throughout the country and are synonymous with something spicy and flavourful. Although the simplicity of classic noodles is something that cannot be challenged, there are a lot of different types of famous chicken noodle recipes that are popular in the country. If you are looking for a perfect main course dish for your next house party, here are some chicken noodle recipes that you can try.

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* Spicy Schezwan Chicken Noodles

Schezwan noodles are from the Schezwan province of China and are extremely popular throughout the world. They are fiery, tantalising, and just the perfect mixture of different types of spices and sauces. The most evident ingredients that are used to prepare these noodles are chilli paste and Schezwan peppercorns. Other ingredients, such as vinegar, a little bit of honey, some spices, and crispy vegetables are also added. The final step is to add some tender chicken strips and noodles to the mixture and give it a final toss. It is an extremely bold and enthusiastic mixture of spices that most people like to have.

* Thai Chicken Noodles 

Thai chicken noodles as the name suggests or from Thailand. These noodles are perfect for people who do not like the food to be extra spicy and rather prefer creamy and simpler flavours. The most important ingredient used in making these noodles is coconut milk. Coconut milk helps in imparting a very creamy texture and also forms the base of the sauce that is used to give these noodles a bit of a sweet and savoury taste. 

Every bite of this noodle dish is extremely scrumptious and has a beautiful symphony of different flavours. Instead of using any pungent spices, go for hubs, such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal. Adding some tender chicken to these noodles is going to bring out the best flavours. The right type of noodles used to make Thai chicken noodles is rice noodles. Along with these ingredients, one can also add some crunchy bean sprouts.

* Indian Butter Chicken Noodles

The Indian butter chicken noodles are a fusion of two entirely different cuisines. Butter chicken is one of the most popular dishes in India and when the gravy and tender pieces of this dish are mixed with some noodles, it helps in bringing out the most flabbergasting flavours. 

Always remember that using fresh butter chicken is always going to make the taste of noodles more mesmerising. The gravy of butter chicken is heavily tomato-based and is infused with a lot of spices and butter. When the gravy is properly mixed with noodles, it makes a dish that is diverse, opulent and very tempting. This indulgent medley of flavours is extremely easy to make at home.

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* Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

Teriyaki noodles are the very embodiment of the diverse Japanese cuisine. It has rich umami flavours and an extremely synchronised mix of flavours. Some flavourful and soft pieces of chicken are first marinated with teriyaki sauce. This helps in caramelising the pieces of chicken perfectly. After caramelisation, these pieces of chicken are grilled to make them crispy. Simultaneously some ramen noodles are tossed with crispy vegetables. In this concoction of vegetables and noodles, caramelised pieces of chicken are added. The divine and flavourful interplay of these ingredients makes a humble yet succulent dish.

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* Classic Noodles

Classic noodles are one of the safest noodle options to make at home when one doesn't want to buy a lot of extravagant ingredients. These noodles can be simply made at home by using fresh vegetables, rice noodles all-purpose flour noodles, vegetable oil, and some sauces like chilli sauce, sweet sauce, and white vinegar. 

One has to take some vegetable oil and in that sautée capsicum, carrots, and some spring onions. In this mixture, add the pre-boiled noodles along with different types of sauces in white vinegar. The final step should be to add some black pepper and salt. These noodles are refreshing, light, and extremely seamless to make at home. Classic noodles are a popular street-side snack in India that one can try making at home also.