5 Deep-frying Tools You Just Can’t Miss Having

We cannot deny but one of the most adventurous tasks in kitchen is frying or we must say-deep-frying. Though we love pakoras and some deep-fried, crispy and crunchy snacks, we always fear the activity. We always stay careful about not setting the kitchen on fire and not letting spill the hot oil on ourselves. Isn’t it? We must set up a safe and functional deep-frying station and should have all the right tools. These tools will make your deep-frying much easier and safer. Wanna know what these tools are? 

Cast Iron Skillet 

Deep-frying is done best with cast iron skillet as the lower slide helps the maneuver the food easily. Besides, the pan heats up quickly and promotes even frying. Another essential element about cast-iron pan is that it is a great investment and could more than just deep-frying. Wanna buy it? Click the link below. 

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These tools aren’t just deep-frying essential, but they are going to help a lot if put to right use. If you want to maneuver harder-to-grab and smaller items like chicken wings and fried pickles, tongs con help a lot in grabbing the items one by one. Besides, it also helps in flipping items. 

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Fishing out the oil still remains to be the hardest task amongst all. Spider is a tool which is typically made with a wooden handle, a wire and a mesh basket. These tools are not just cheap and can work like magic. Even if you have some burnt food bits in your oil that you're trying to scrape up, believe me, your spider can do it for you. Spiders are safer option as they won't push the hot oil around as much as a slotted spoon. Amazing, isn’t it? 


Paper Towels 

Deep-fried foods need a destination after they come out of the hot oil. Some may have a cooling rack but using paper towels is considered more beneficial. Paper towels soak up more oil as compared to other oil soaking methods. Let me tell you that the longer the food sits on a paper towel, the more it will get soggy. So, ensure to not let it sit for a longer time. You can buy it from here.  


Believe me, these tools are going to take your deep-frying game to next level. Do let us know of you liked it.