5 Dazzling Cocktails To Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special
Image Credit: Photo by Jill Burrow from Pexels

Love is in the air and there's no way we can deny that. The season of love and happiness has already begun. Valentine's Day is the most romantic time of the year where one can feel a burst of love, care, affection and togetherness. Every soul wants this day to be perfect and a memorable one that can remain in their hearts forever. Lovers celebrate this week of love in their own ways. Some plan an intimate indoor date, while others dine in at their favourite restaurants or cafes that offer a romantic ambience. For those celebrating Valentine's Day at home, we are here with a stellar collection of super delicious cocktails. The best thing about cocktails is that they pair well with any food and bring us a bundle of joy every time. Here are five bright red and sparkling cocktails you can share with loved ones throughout this week. 

1. Jack Rose Cocktail

Jack rose is one of the finest cocktails that has been enjoyed since the 19th century. With its crowd pleasing look and appearance, jack rose can make your day brighter. 

2. Red Sangria 

Raise a glass of red sangria to fill your tummy with indulgent flavours and the heart with love. Surprise your partner by making them a bright and refreshing glass of red sangria. 

3. Valentine Martini 

This Valentine martini is the perfect sipper to share with your partner. You can pack it with lots of love and deliciousness by infusing it with sweet and tart flavours of lime juice, raspberry, sugar syrup and vodka. 

4. Raspberry Mojito

Blend a splendid glass of raspberry mojito with fresh raspberries with rum.

5. Red Wine Pomegranate Hot Toddy

Enjoy this pomegranate hot toddy with your significant other on this special occasion

These cocktails can make a perfect addition to your Valentine's menu.