5 Dals from India For A Simple But Wholesome Dinner

Whenever we hear cooker whistle from the kitchen, we know what is cooking. It really doesn’t matter what else you are having a dinner, you need dal alongside your chawal. Dals are a total comfort food for all of us. No matter how much curries and tikkas we have, we need atleast one dal in our plate. Not just they add the right amount of protein to your diet but also shows you how a soulful food taste like. Isn’t it? 

Every region has a different style of preparing a different dal. Be it dal makhani, masoor dal, urad dal, moong dal or toor dal, these dals give a glimpse of fantastic culinary experiences. So, if you are wondering what to make for dinner tonight, let us get back to our mother’s kitchen and make some soulful, easy and delicious dals. Are you excited? Here you go!   


This dal is a staple dal in Maharashtrian thali. Aamti is a little sweet, little hot and little tangy and is usually made with toor dal, it has aamti powder, jaggery, kokam, jaggery and other spices. So, if you wanna know what a Maharashtrian dal tastes like, you must try Aamti. 

Thikri Ki Dal 

Many of you won’t know but this dal made in Rajasthan and Hyderabad using different recipes with toor dal or masoor dal. However, in both the methods, one thing is common. It is that piece of freshly fired earthen pot which is broken, heated until it is red hot and added to the dal for enhanced aromatic flavour. The same broken earthenware is the ‘thikri’. So, why don’t make this dal for dinner tonight. 

Dal Makhni 

Also known as maa ki dal, this dal is the pride of Punjab, and we cannot deny this. Originated from the Punjab region of India and Rajasthan, it is made up of urad dal, rajma, cream and butter. This dal is something you are definitely going to a find at a highway dhabha with tandoori roti loaded with a lot of ghee. 


This simple and hassle-free dal could be commonly found in Odiya homes. It has toor dal with veggies like eggplant, potatoes, pumpkin and tomatoes and goes well with hot pipping rice. It calls for raw banana and raw papaya whereas ingredients dry chili powder and roasted cumin enhance the flavour of this scrumptious dal. 


Did you know that this dal has its association with Mahabharat? Yes, the first mention of this dal could be traced back to the epic tale Mahabharat in which Kunti and Draupadi used to make this dal to feed the Pandavas when they were in their exile. This a flavourful concoction of five lentils. This dal is also said to have its association with Jodhapur. For those who don’t know, India currently has over 9 different varieties of Panchmel dal. Interesting, right?