5 Common Myths About Organic Spices That You Shouldn't Believe
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Organic spices have become exceedingly popular in the past few years because a lot of people consider them healthier than regular adulterated spices. They're not just healthy for human beings, but also healthy and sustainable for the environment as they are devoid of synthetic chemicals that are put in the soil for better produce that also takes less time to be grown. 

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However, because of a lack of information, many people have developed unnecessary misconceptions that do not have any factual grounds for them. In this article, one can find some common misconceptions related to spices and why you shouldn't believe them.

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* Organic Spices Are Pungent 

A common belief that people have is that organic spices are more pungent and concentrated as compared to regular spices. What people must understand about organic spices is that it is not the taste of the organic spices that differentiates them from the regular spices. Factors like how it is sourced, The freshness of the spices and the shelf life are what differentiates organic spices from regular spices. The spices have a more evident aroma that lacks any artificial touch to it. People should understand that organic spices are not more concentrated than regular spices, but one can certainly feel that they are fresher and full of fragrance.  

* Organic Spices Are Expensive 

Another common misbelief that people have about organic spices is that these types of spices are a lot more expensive than regular spices. Most people do not even consider checking the price of the spices because they have a mindset that these types of spices come with a hefty price tag. But to everyone's surprise, the price difference between organic spices and regular spices is not that big. 

Moreover, considering the many health benefits of organic spices, it is right to say that the spices are worth the price they are being sold at. By buying these prices, one is not just doing a favour for their health but also for the environment. Also buying organic spices from local farmers is a great way to reduce the expenses, and also support local businesses. 

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* Organic Spices Are A Hoax Concept

A common misconception among people is that in the name of organic spices, some brands are just gimmicking with the public and selling the same spices at an expensive price. People who are considering buying organic spices must know that the whole organic spice market is extremely regulated. The organic spice industry is subjected to constant scrutiny and food inspections from time to time. 

All the companies registered under the organic space category have to ensure that their spices are of great quality otherwise their licenses are suspended. There are proper parametres that the spice companies have to take care of. Consumers can also check for different food labels and accreditations on the labels for their satisfaction. 

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* Shorter Shelf Life

One of the top reasons why people do not like to buy organic spice is that they think that these types of spices have a shorter shelf life. As these spices are made organically, their shelf life is severely impacted, and they have to be used within a short period otherwise they will go bad. 

While it is true that organic spices have a brief shelf life as compared to regular spices that have synthetic chemicals and artificial colours, one can simply extend the shelf life of organic spices by storing them correctly. Proper storage in airtight containers and keeping the spices away from light helps keep the spices fresher. Another reasonable tip is to buy the spices in small batches.

* All Organic Spices Are Completely Free From Pesticides 

Many people think that all types of organic spices are completely free from pesticides. One must understand that not all types of spices that come under the category of organic are completely free from pesticides. Some spice companies use organic alternatives and some use a small quantity of pesticides. 

To get spices as per one's particular needs, a person must fully check about a brand from their official website before buying it. All the ingredients that are used in making particular organic spices are generally listed in the label list. It is always important to check the label list before buying anything from the market.