5 Common Culinary Errors And Their Simple Solutions
Image Credit: Unsplash

Cooking is an art, and getting it perfect every time can seem difficult. In addition to skills and procedures, cooking also heavily depends on the individual's attitude and level of experience. Even after having years of cooking experience, there are instances when you want to make something wonderful for your loved ones and end up messing it up. If you've been having trouble with certain frequent cooking errors, try these easy cooking tips that will solve all of your problems in the kitchen.

1. Fix Curry's Bitter Flavour

How many times have you tried to make a delicious curry only to ruin it by using too much haldi or jeera powder, which leaves a harsh aftertaste? Simply adding some sugar, cream, butter, or milk will fix this mistake. Adding fats and sugar can assist to reduce the bitterness of these spices.

2. Soggy Fries

Do you want to bake fries without getting them soggy? This easy technique can keep your homemade fries from getting soggy. Simply wash them twice in cold water, blot dry with a kitchen towel, and make a coating, ensuring that the oil is coated uniformly to produce crispy and crunchy fries.

3. Overcooked Vegetables

We occasionally overcook our sabzis, causing them to become mushy and soggy. Even when boiling or parboiling, vegetables and leafy greens frequently lose their crunch, but is there a way to remedy this culinary disaster? A simple solution is to boil the vegetables in salted water rather than cold water, as the cold water will take longer to digest and cook the vegetables. Another trick for avoiding this typical mishap is to immerse the boiled vegetables in a bowl of ice water. Also, when cooking, use a metal skewer to inspect the vegetables; this prevents them from overcooking and becoming soggy.

4. Prevent Egg Sticking

Cooking healthy eggs but having trouble keeping them from adhering to the pans? Then try this fantastic hack: apply some oil to a tissue paper and brush your pan to make healthy fried eggs without using any oil.

5. Fix Too Much Salt

A meal can be made or broken by the amount of salt used. And even a small amount of additional salt can destroy your delicacy. So, where is the resort? To fix the excess salt in your meals, dilute the dish with vegetable stock, water, cream, spices, and vegetables, or simply add a tiny dough of atta and wait for a while; this will absorb the extra salt and smoothen up your curries and gravies.