5 Common Beer-Related Myths And How To Consume It In Moderation
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Nothing is more heavenly than ending your night with a beer after a challenging day of responsibilities and tasks. It takes us into a whole other dimension when it's just you and your glass of beer. Beer is one of the most loved drinks all over the world and has been for centuries. The love for beer is so profound that celebrations don't feel like celebrations without beer, be it birthdays, any office party or simply when your favourite sports team wins the championship. In many ways, this beloved drink has become a part of our lives and a great companion.

Despite all the good things, there are many myths associated with beer and this article will debunk them to help you stay updated and keep up the factual information. We'll also talk about how you can control beer drinking habit and keep it in moderation for a healthy and lovely drinking experience for you and the people around you.

The Following Are The Beer-Related Myths You Shouldn't Believe:

Beer Before Liquor Makes You Sick:

This is a common misconception that has been going on for ages. You often hear people talking about how consuming beer before going in for hard liquor is not good and will make you sick. But in reality, the order in which you consume your alcohol doesn't matter. It's usually the mixing of different drinks and ingredients that makes you feel like you're sick and not the order.

Darker Beers Are Healthy:

Many think that dark beers are healthier than their counterparts just like dark wines, because of more antioxidants is simply not true. Having a high number of antioxidants is not the only standard to reserve to determine how healthy a beer is, which in itself is far from an actual healthy drink in many ways. Though darker beers have more antioxidants, they also happen to have more chemicals causing stronger hangovers.

Beers To Be Served As Cold As Possible:

Sure many of the beers do taste great when they are served as cold as possible but this practice doesn't apply to all the beers out there. There are many categories of beers and every beer has different characteristics. The best way is to read the serving guide of the beer you are going to consume and then act accordingly.

It Causes Beer Belly:

People believe that alcohol is the sole item that produces belly fat because of fear of developing a beer belly. However, excessive calorie intake from a variety of sources is what causes weight gain, not drinking beer. Yes, beer has calories, and consuming an excessive amount of high-calorie beverages might result in belly fat. However, it's not the light beer you're drinking that's making your belly sag.

Light Beers Are Healthier:

Light beers, which are marketed as a healthier alternative to ordinary beers, have led to the idea that they are the better option. It is naive to believe that just because they normally have fewer calories, they are automatically better for everyone who cares about their health. It is essential to consider variables outside calorie consumption, such as personal taste preferences and nutritional makeup.

Here's How You Can Control Your Beer Consumption:

No matter how delicious it tastes or how big the occasion is, you should consume beer in moderation as overindulging in beer can cause weight gain and other serious health problems.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and don't go all in for beer. This practice will help you feel fuller and you will not go overboard with the beer.
  • Apart from just drinking water, you should also keep eating here and there while enjoying your beer. It not only allows you to control your beer intake but also enhances your drinking experience.
  • Don't mix different drinks in one glass, this will take you off track from your limit and will eventually lead to overdrinking.