5 Classic Chinese Breakfast Foods That You Must Try
Image Credit: Source: Unsplash

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and this is certainly true when it comes to comprehending a country's food and culture. Breakfast in China may be different from what you're used to, but if you dive in, you'll be surprised at how many possibilities there are; if you're on a long vacation to China, you could even miss the breakfasts there when you return home. Some of the most popular Chinese morning meals are listed here. The majority of these foods may be found all around China, however, others are exclusive to specific towns and areas.


Congee is the name for a thin rice porridge that is popular throughout China and Asia. It is also the name used in Guangdong. Rice is cooked in water or stock until the grains break down to form congee. Congee is quite basic on its own (which is why it's commonly provided to the young, old, and sick), but it's usually garnished with a variety of toppings to enhance flavour and texture. Other grains, such as millet, cornmeal, or sorghum, can be used to make congee in northern China.

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