5 Chilli Chicken Variations To Enjoy This Weekend

Chinese food is not new to Indians, and you can find them in every other restaurant’s menu. Be it the basic hakka noodles or the exotic kung pao chicken, its flavour has highly influenced the food culture of the country. The love for this cuisine in India has also given birth to a newfangled cuisine called Indian Chinese cuisine or Indo-Chinese cuisine.  

This cuisine is basically characterised by its ingredients; Indian vegetables and spices combined with good amount Chinese sauces. Among all the other Indo-Chinese options, chilli chicken has a separate fanbase among foodies. Made with succulent chicken pieces and a variety of bold-flavoured sauces, it has an extraordinary taste that can satisfy your soul. The fondness of this dish has also led to the invention of many variations of chilli chicken. 

Classic Chilli Chicken

Being the first choice for non-veg appetiser in parties, chilli chicken is made with tender chicken chunks seasoned with stir-fried vegetables and lots of spices. The luscious coating of this dish contains cornstarch, soya sauce, vinegar, and egg. This crisp fried appertiser is best served with noodles or fried rice. 

Honey Chilli Chicken 

This is the second most popular variation of chilli chicken in India. Made with the sweet taste of honey, it is perfect for people who cannot handle the spicy taste of Chinese sauces. Other ingredients of this milder variation of chilli chicken are soya sauce, vinegar, ketchup, ginger-garlic paste and boneless chicken. 

Schezwan Chilli Chicken 

In this recipe, schezwan sauce plays the role of key ingredient. If you are looking for a quick starter dish loaded with spicy flavour, then this variation of chilli chicken is the best option. The main ingredients of the lip-smacking dish are egg white, boneless chicken, pepper, soya sauce, sesame oil, schezwan sauce, vinegar and chilli powder. 

Dry Chilli Chicken 

Dry chilli chicken is another delicious and flavourful Indo-Chinese dish that can be enjoyed as an appetiser during weekend celebrations. It features succulent bite-sized chicken pieces combined with vinegar, tomatoes and spicy sauce. Often cooked with colourful bell peppers and spring onions, it is fried until crisp and juicy.  

Andhra-Style Chilli Chicken 

Belonging to the state of Andhra Pradesh, this variation is a great addition to your party menu if you are looking for a unique taste. It is made with the flavour of ghee, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala and red chilli powder. Besides appetiser, you can also pair this delight with pulao or biryani for dinner.