5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine Inspired Delights For Your Next Gathering

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the sitcoms with an impeccable blend of humour, dark comedy, an experienced cast, and a layered storyline. If you are planning for a cop-themed party, this is the series you must pick to inspire dessert ideas. Whether you have a strict friend like Captain Holt or a laid-back one like Gina Linetti, delights based on these characters will leave your friends impressed.

Video Credit: Bake With Shivesh/ YouTube

Started in September 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is among a few famous American sitcoms that revolve around odd detectives solving crimes in New York City. Making desserts based on its theme is a perfect way to pay homage to the fun times you had watching the series. Here are five delights that you must try.

Cake Based On Charles Boyle’s Personality

Do you remember a scene where Charles Boyle made a spicy cake, and Jake ate it, only spitting it soon after tasting it? If you make such a cake, it would be a disaster for your party, but you can definitely craft one using the right amount of spices and herbs.

You can make a pumpkin spiced cake and decorate it with a delicious frosting. You can sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top to add a kick and fresh flavours. Friends and loved ones will be impressed with this unique dessert.

Amy Santiago’s Tiramisu

One of the most sophisticated delights is tiramisu. Its impeccably aligned layers and colour-coded appearance match the character of Amy Santiago. If you are someone like her or have a friend in your group who, like Santiago, prefers everything organised and aligned, this dessert is for them.

You can create a base using soaked lady fingers and build layers using chocolate and coffee. Heavy whipped cream and vanilla extract will amplify the flavours and make this dessert a hit at your party. 

Yoghurt Parfait Inspired By Sergeant Terry

Terry’s yoghurt was the one thing that remained consistent throughout the series. Somebody kept eating his yoghurt, it used to leave him pissed off. This time, it could be you who prefers to gulp down his favourite delight. 

Yoghurt is the perfect base for parfait, and you can pick a flavour like mango, strawberry, etc. Top each layer of flavour curd with chopped fruits and scrapped chocolate. Refrigerate the dessert and serve it cold to your guests.

Rainbow Funfetti Cake Inspired By Gina Linetti

Gina was one character who was full of life and had the best lines on the show. She had a lively personality. Therefore, a rainbow cake to celebrate a friend is the perfect dessert to make. 

You can bake each layer of the cake using food colourings in the hues of a rainbow. Bind each layer with your favourite cream cheese frosting, and add vibrant sprinkles on the top. When your friend cuts the cake, everyone will be impressed with the rainbow colours, and it would make for a worthy Instagram post to flaunt your baking skills.

Carrot Cake

If you call yourself a fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you would remember that a carrot cake was Captain Holt’s favourite dessert. You can bake it at home in the winter season when you get fresh, sweet, and red carrots from the vegetable market.

To make the cake soft and fluffy, add eggs and beat them into a smooth batter made of maida, butter, sugar, and cream cheese. Add grated carrot to the mix and bake the fluffiest cake that you will be able to enjoy for a few days at least.