5 Best Mango Recipes You Must Try

Mango lovers can’t be more excited as soon as the season arrives. Juicy, sweet, luscious and yummy, mango is the king of fruits and is loved across age groups. And the wide variety of mangoes makes it even better. From Alphonso, chaunsa, dasheri to langda, we are just grateful India is the leading producer of mangoes. How else were we going to sate our cravings for this pulpy fruit? Yes, it is only available in summers, and that is the only unfortunate part about mangoes. But besides eating it as is, did you know you can whip up some fantastic delicacies from mango too? If you are done whipping up a creamy mango shake and eating mango slices and wish to experiment a little, we’ve got your back!

Here we have five delicious mango recipes you can try at home:

1. Mango Sheera

A decadent halwa made with mango puree, semolina, sugar syrup and crunchy dry fruits cooked together to a thick sheera. Topped with nuts and mango syrup, this one is truly a delight!

2. Mango Yogurt

Summer and yoghurt go hand-in-hand, and so does mango! What’s better than a combination of the trio? This delightful yoghurt recipe, flavoured with sugar and cardamom, has mango cubes set with yoghurt and garnished with saffron.

3. Mango Rasam

The fiery yet soothing rasam from the south gets a mango makeover! Dried mango cooked with a host of spices, tamarind, chillies, tuar dal and curry leaves, giving us an ambrosial rasam to relish.  

4. Mango Lassi

Your classic lassi flavoured with mango is perhaps one of the best summer drinks around! Blend yoghurt with mango, add a hint of sugar, and you have the ultimate summer quencher.

5. Mango Popsicle

Classic summer treat made with the goodness of mangoes! These popsicles are quick and easy to make with the combinations of your favourite fruits and mango pulp.  

Give yourself a treat with these fantastic mango recipes and share your experience with us!