5 Best Japanese Delicacies You Must Try

Japan is a land with a plethora of gastronomic wonders that are yet to be explored by the rest of the world. While it is mainly known for the incredibly delicious sushi, the land of blooming flowers and the rising sun has a lot more storage. The street food of Japan is packed with a whole gamut of flavours that impress every palate. From sweet to crispy, sour to soft - whatever you need, Japanese cuisine has all to offer. While the cuisine differs in different regions, it largely respects each ingredient, so it doesn’t tamper with the original flavour. When you eat sushi, you get the whole, raw taste of each distinct ingredient in it. It is the same for most all Japanese delicacies.  

From Ramen to sushi to katsu curry, here are 5 of the most amazing Japanese delicacies you shouldn’t miss!

1. Pot of Udon & Soba Noodles

A lot of people confuse udon and soba noodles, but there’s a difference. While udon noodles are made of wheat, they are thick, soft and chewy; soba, on the other hand, is thin, long and made of buckwheat. In this one-pot dish, both the noodles are tossed in a soya sauce flavoured broth.

2. Ramen

This is one dish that the Japanese have made of their own. A true-blue comfort dish with egg noodles cooked in a salty broth, you can top a bowl of ramen with your choice of sauce, nuts, veggies and meat.

3. Sushi

One food that immediately comes to mind when talking about Japanese cuisine is sushi. Raw fish served over pressed vinegar-ed rice and sushi is all about the perfect balance between the fish and rice.

4. Tempura

Light, crispy and batter-fried, tempura is traditionally fried vegetable or seafood, served with rice and a flavoured broth.

5. Yakitori

Yakitori is charcoal-grilled chicken, flavoured with a sweet soy-based sauce known as 'tare' or a salty 'shio' sauce. 

Sounds interesting, isn't it?