5 Benefits of Oolong Tea That Will Convince You To Make The Switch
Image Credit: Oolong tea is replete with health benefits

It is not easy to sit with a bunch tea-lovers without talking about the best variety of tea. The discussion may also take an ugly turn, there are so many variants after all. How do you decide the best? Moreover, what are the parameters? Oolong tea, is often one of the frontrunners in the race. Ask any tea connoisseur of the world, and he/she will tell you how this rare Chinese tea has all it takes to reign supreme. Light and aromatic, oolong tea is made with leaves of Camilla senesis. Both green tea and black tea are also made with the same leaves, the difference lies in the processing of these leaves and how much they are oxidised. Black tea is most oxidised, whereas oolong tea is made from partially oxidised leaves of Camellia sinensis plant, which explains their light colour. Here are a few benefits of the tea variant.

1. Weight Loss

According to the findings published in the journal Nutrients, Oolong tea could contribute to fat breakdown in sleep, leading to effective and sustainable weight loss, without even disrupting your snooze.  

2. May Have Preventive Effects Against Breast Cancer

Published in the journal Anticancer Research, a study conducted on oolong tea extracts revealed that it may prevent growth of breast cancer cells, thereby slashing risk of severity

3. May Prevent Diabetes

 As per study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, drinking oolong tea regularly was linked with reduced risk of Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes is a condition characterised by fluctuating blood sugar levels. Oolong tea is a healthy, low cal-drink diabetics could include in their diet.

4. Good For Heart

The antioxidants and polephenols present in oolong may do wonders for your heart and prevent you from a range of cardiovascular diseases.  

5. Improves brain function

The mix of caffeine and antioxidants makes this tea very helpful in improving cognitive function.