4 Ways To Give Your Basic Chicken Sandwich A Delicious Makeover
Image Credit: Because a good chicken sandwich can make your day!

Are you a chicken sandwich lover? Does it get boring to eat the same style of sandwich every time you are craving it? We understand. I am a hard-core chicken sandwich lover too. Every time I have a chicken sandwich, an almost spontaneous comparison starts taking place with the one my mother used to make for my school lunch. She would chop fresh lettuce, boil and shred the chicken and add mayonnaise to the mix along with salt and black pepper. Then she would slather the slices with the mixture and place another slice on top to complete the sandwich. 

Too much said about sandwiches right? I’m actually craving some now. Hence, here are some interesting ways to spruce up your chicken sandwiches and give them a delicious makeover. 

1. Toasted Chicken Sandwich 

When you are going outdoors for a relaxing day with friends or family, then sandwiches come in handy. This toasted chicken sandwich is non-greasy and light on the stomach while satiating your appetite. For this, you would need a thick bread (since it has to be toasted). Layer it with chicken fillet, vegetables and swiss cheese and you are good to go. 

2. Fried Chicken Sandwich 

This could be your next guilty pleasure. On days when you want to indulge in a greasy and crispy treat, give this fried chicken sandwich a try. The chicken breast pieces wrapped with two slices of bread, which are then coated with the all-purpose flour, eggs, salt and pepper batter to be deep-fried in hot oil. 

3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

Have you been using that grill pan for tossing veggies and meat alone? Here’s another way you can put it to use. Make your sandwich the regular way and make sure to add generous amounts of cheese to it. Place it on the grill pan and turn it over to the other side once it is golden brown and you can see grill marks. Trust us, the cheese pull would be amazing and this requires minimum amount of oil. 

4. Baked Chicken Sandwich 

The ovens are not meant for only baking cakes. Yes, that is true. Try this baked version of your classic chicken sandwich and this might become your favourite snack during diet days. 

So, which one are you trying today?