4 Types Of Jalebis You Need To Try At Least Once In Your Life

Are you already imagining perfectly shaped spirals getting deep-fried in a kadhai to be dipped in sugar syrup later? Do you also salivate just at the mention of Jalebi? Are you already planning to devour some hot, delicious jalebis just after reading the title of this article? Well, if you are then just know that you aren’t alone. We’ll be more than happy to join you for your Jalebi adventures. Jalebi is a dessert originally belonging to the Middle East and is called Zalibiya. However, Indians haven’t left a single stone unturned to call the dibs for this delicious dessert. Along with savouring the delectable classic Jalebi, they have created their own versions of this decadent dessert too. Here are five types of Jalebis that are widely popular and savoured in the country. Check them out and don’t forget to try them at least once in your life. 

Paneer Jalebi 

Particularly famous in the state of West Bengal, Paneer Jalebi or Chennar Jilipi is made out of cottage cheese. Unlike the classic Jalebi, this Jalebi should be consumed within 24 hours, or else it gets spoiled. Paneer Jalebi is darker and crispier than the classic Jalebi and is a healthier alternative. 

Khoya Jalebi 

The popular street food of Madhya Pradesh, Khoya Jalebi is made with a mixture of Khoya, maida, and milk. Best relished with either cold milk or rabdi, Khoya Jalebi is moreish and has a different texture and thickness than the classic jalebi. 


The famous North Indian version of Jalebi is made using Urad dal instead of maida and is an absolute favourite amongst North Indians. Otherwise known as Jhangiri, this version of Jalebi is made by frying the batter in flower patterns and is served as it is.


The first thing to cross your mind after hearing the word ‘Jaleba’ is Gohana and we don’t blame you. The famous Jaleba of Gohana is known for its size and thickness. Basically known as king-size jalebi, Jaleba weighs 250 grams or more and is particularly famous in North India. 

If Jalebi is on your mind after reading about these four types of Jalebis, then it’s your heart’s call to savour these Jalebis at least once in your life. Try making the classic Jalebi by clicking on the recipe below to satisfy your immediate cravings.