4 Tips To Make Round And Crispy Chaklis At Home
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @homefreshforyou

Chakli, also known as murukku is a scrumptious spiral-shaped savoury snack that is typically made using a mixture of gram flour, rice and wheat flour. It is flavoured with cumin seeds, sesame seeds, coriander powder and spices which is further fried in hot oil until golden brown. It is the perfect snack for mid-day cravings or for festivals or occasions. Chakli is a quintessential Diwali snack that is loved by people of all age groups. We can’t let you celebrate this joyous festival without a taste of homemade chaklis so lighten up your Diwali celebration further with a big bowl of tasty, crispy and munchy store-bought chaklis, at home. Keep in mind these four handy tips that can help you nail the art of making crunchy, crispy, spiral and delicious chaklis at home, that will surely leave your guests wowed. 

1. Always knead a soft yet firm dough  

Getting the right dough is the key to perfect crispy and store-bought chaklis at home. You should make sure to knead a dough that is never too hard, neither too soft. Always use curd instead of water while kneading, which can help you achieve a smooth dough.  

2. Use butter for crispy chakli

You can also use butter while kneading the dough. For when the dough seems tight and stiff, add some butter and knead well. This step is important if you want crispy chakli.  

3. Let the dough rest aside for at least half an hour

In case you are using water while kneading, always cover the dough and let it rest aside for almost 30 minutes or more. This method helps give it a strong structure. Always cover because if your dough has moisture, your chakli will break while frying them in hot oil and you won’t be able to get the desired round shape. 

4. Never overfill the dough in chakli maker  

Always fill the dough in the chakli maker in a manner that there is still some open space in the top while you cover it with a lid. Overflowing the batter will definitely mess up with the shape and size of chakli during the process of frying them.