4 Tips To Clean Your Exhaust With Kitchen Ingredients
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Many people find cleaning and decluttering therapeutic. On the other hand, there is also a large population that feels stressed and overburdened if they have to clean a particular part of the home. It's also a time-consuming and tedious process so it can be such a big task for someone who doesn't have that kind of time. But if you do not clean your house timely, then it leads to the accumulation of a lot of dirt and germs. This can affect our health and also lead to infestation of various insects in that particular part of the house. There is always an option of calling a cleaning professional but it is not a possibility for all small tasks. Today we will talk about some easy ways through which you can clean your kitchen exhaust which is otherwise a very ignored corner of the house.

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* Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very effective cleaning agent that is available in almost every kitchen. It will remove the stubborn stains from your kitchen exhaust without much muscular effort. All you have to do is simply mix a teaspoon of baking soda with some water. Mix it well and make sure the consistency is like a thick paste and not like water. Now you can remove all the dust from the fan using a wet cloth. After that, you can go to the deeper ends of the exhaust and clean all the blades and areas in the centre. Let the mixture sit on the fan for some time before wiping it off with a wet cloth.

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* Hot Water

Hot water is a great option and one of the easiest ways that you can get rid of stains on your exhaust fan. To do this, you have to make some hot water and liquid soap. This can even be a regular hand soap or dishwashing soap. Hot water is effective in breaking down the tough grease that has accumulated over your fan. You have to take a very large bowl and fill at least one cup of water with a few drops of soap in it. Now take a clean cloth and dip it inside this solution. Rub the wet cloth on your exhaust blades with not too much pressure but enough to wipe all the stains. Once you're done with cleaning your exhaust fan, you can clean everything with fresh clothes. Make sure that you always switch off your exhaust fan before you start your cleaning process to avoid any kind of accident.

* Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a powerful ingredient and quite popular among people for cleaning purposes. To use lemon, you have to take some lemon juice and put it in a cup of hot water. Now you have to repeat the same process as you did in the case of soap and hot water. Just take a fresh cloth and dip it inside the liquid. With the help of this cloth, you can clean your blades and the other parts of the exhaust. Because it is acidic, lemon juice is quite effective in cleaning things that haven't been cleaned for a long time. You can rub your lemon peels on the exhaust fan directly. If you feel like the stains on the fan are too stubborn.

* Vinegar Solution 

Vinegar solution is also extremely effective and powerful in terms of cleaning and getting rid of stains, bacteria and oil accumulation. There are two ways through which you can use vinegar for cleaning purposes. One is to just simply mix it with a cup of water and then dip a cloth inside the liquid. With the help of this clot, you can rub your exhaust fans and other parts. The other way is to make a DIY spray. This can be done by mixing some drops of vinegar in water and then transferring it to a spray bottle. This is quite handy and you can simply just spray your solution on the areas where you want to. This also lets you focus on the problematic areas more by using more liquid. After cleaning your exhaust fan with the vinegar solution, you will see that it will start looking like a brand-new exhaust fan.

These are some ways through which you can use simple ingredients already available in your kitchen to clean your exhaust fan. Many times we end up ignoring our kitchen exhaust fans but this shouldn't be done. An exhaust fan is a very important part of the kitchen and helps in keeping any kind of unnecessary odour or gas outside the kitchen. So you must take good care of your kitchen exhaust fan and keep it clean for the sake of hygiene in your kitchen.