Rasmalai is a mouth-watering Bengali delicacy that is hands down one of the best Indian desserts. This decadent sweet dish is soft, spongy and overloaded with creaminess. Rasmalai is a dish made with flattened balls of chenna that are immersed in creamy milk. These are then flavoured with saffron, cardamom powder, sugar and pistachios. Bengali sweets have their own way of charming one. Be it any sweet, they are all absolutely delicious and soft enough to melt in our mouths. Raise your hand if you are a Bengali sweets lover too. If you lack the skills of perfectly making rasmalai at home, let us sort that out for you. A bit of patience, persistence and continuous practice is the key to mastering the art of cooking. We have collected 3 tips and tricks that can make you a pro at making rasmalai at home. Take a quick look and grab all the necessary deets

1. Add vinegar or lime juice

It is recommended to add vinegar or a bit of lime juice when you are curdling the milk. This helps the milk to split quickly and form a softer chenna ( cottage cheese).  

2. Always use full cream milk

If you are a beginner at cooking, you might not know that most Bengali sweets like rasgulla are always made using full cream milk. The same goes for rasmalai. Chenna is formed only if you make it with full cream milk.

3. Squeeze out the water completely

The moment after you wrap cottage cheese around in a cloth, squeeze out the water completely till it's dry. This step is important as there should not be any water in it. Otherwise, your final balls of rasmalai will be hard instead of soft and spongy.

4. Always add rose water for flavouring

When you are cooking the balls in hot water, make sure to add a wee bit of rose water into it. Rosewater is added for extra flavouring. It gives your rasmalai a delightful touch.

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