4 Simple Diet Resolutions You Can Follow In 2023
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

2023 is here and as we slowly settle in the new year, let’s not forget all the promises we made to ourselves for the future while saying goodbye to 2022 - those of starting afresh, especially when it comes to our diet and food choices. Among the most common resolutions people make on New Year’s Eve are that of losing weight, hitting the gym, getting fit, eating right, and everything else related to health and fitness. 

There are so many people who begin with strict diet plans in the new year, in an attempt to shed those extra kilos. But what happens is, in fact, the opposite. As months go by, most of our diet plans end up crashing and derailing our weight loss goals. This could be because we may be setting unrealistic goals for ourselves, and we soon struggle to achieve them. For instance, “I will stop eating junk food at all!”. For anyone who loves to gorge on burgers, momos, and pizzas, this is quite an unrealistic expectation.  

What we would suggest is to make simple and achievable resolutions that you can actually stick to. In 2023, one should try and focus on setting small goals that can be easily achieved in the short span of time, and then made into a regular habit. Perhaps, start with a simple habit like taking a stroll every more frequently in a day. As experts suggest, it takes us 21 days to build a habit, and if we follow it for three months it becomes our lifestyle. 

So, here we have some diet resolutions you can actually follow without too much of a hassle: 

1. Make sure you eat a fruit every day 

Nobody expects you to eat a whole basket of fruits. Simply start eating one whole fruit every day, and it alone can take you a long way in your diet plan. Fresh fruits offer a multitude of health benefits for your body. Eat it raw for best benefits. Once it becomes a habit, you can increase the quantity depending on your other meals. 

2. Pick smaller plates for portion control  

It is the Japanese concept of tricking your mind. Bigger plates give us the illusion that we still have some more space, while our stomach is already stretched to full capacity. And we end up piling on more food than necessary into our plates. Even the healthiest food is good until it is consumed in the amounts that the body needs, extra never means good. The simple act of using a smaller plate will prove useful for your diet and weight loss goals. 

3. If not daily, avoid processed food on alternate days 

“Avoid processed food entirely” - this is one tip we may struggle to follow, giving in sooner or later. Experts suggest that you can try skipping processed food every alternate day to begin with, and then observe the difference.  

4. Even a 15-minute walk daily can do wonders  

Apart from the dietary changes, it is also important to incorporate physical activity and exercise in our daily plan to aid weight loss. Try and walk for 15 minutes every day, so that a consistent habit is formed for your daily routine. Once the habit is incorporated, you can start taking a longer walk.