4 Cocktails By Mixologist Jagmohan Singh Echo Himachali Aromas
Image Credit: Apple cocktail, Old Fox, Araiya Palampur

Among India's northern hill stations, it is difficult to beat the charm of Himachal Pradesh. This incredible picturesque place is famed for its enamouring beauty. Likewise, the local cuisine has always mesmerised travellers, visitors and epicures with flavours unique to this region. In an attempt to create the food and beverage trends in Himachal Pradesh, mixologist Jagmohan Singh and his team at Old Fox, Araiya Palampur, have crafted a few beverages. These libations consist of ingredients that reflect the charm of Himachal.

Jagmohan Singh, Mixologist, shares further details, explaining, "We chose these ingredients as they are best suited. While crafting a cocktail or mocktail, choosing the right ingredients plays an important role and leads to a great result. The hospitality industry moves quickly, and staying on top of trends is more than necessary."

This beverage collection is mindfully paired with a few of the unique flavoured liquors available at this Palampur's hospitality property. 

Spiced Himalayan Fair 

 It is a spiced rum and orange liquor mélange. This cocktail is a delicious blend of some of my favourite ingredients and fall flavours.

Refreshing spiced Himalayan flair, Image By: Old Fox, Araiya Palampur 


  •  Orange Liquor- 30ml
  •  Spiced Rum-30ml
  •  Lemon Bitter-5ml 
  •  Nutmeg powder- 1grm
  •  Clove- Whole


In a cocktail mixer, blend all the ingredients, shake it well, and pour it into a glass. Garnish the drink with a cinnamon stick and star anise. 

Kangra Magic

This is created with fennel-infused liquor based and turns out as an invigorating beverage. This pleasantly refreshing, herb-infused fennel liquor is a bracing aperitif. Anyone would love how this bright fennel spirit tastes.

High octane Kangra Magic, Image By: Old Fox, Araiya Palampur 


  •  Fennel liquor- 60ml
  •  Pineapple Juice-120ml
  •  Lemon Juice -10ml
  •  Himalayan Mint- for garnish
  •  Cucumber paired – to insert in glass


In a cocktail maker, pour everything except cucumber and mint leaves. Shake it thoroughly. Prepare a glass with cucumber slices cut lengthwise. Pour the concoction and garnish with mint leaves.

Neugal Flow 

The Neugal Flow is a Himalayan cocktail with complex flavour. I can describe it as a Himalayan lime country liquor-based signature creation. Its popularity has spurred numerous variations, as barkeeps tweak the classic drink by adding fruits and liqueurs or subbing in different base spirits. This drink is enjoyed by all. 

Neugal flow, Image By: Old Fox, Araiya Palampur 


  •  Himalayan Lime liquor- 60ml
  •  Litchi Juice – 120ml
  •  Orange zest


In a cocktail blender, stir the Himalayan lime liquor and litchi juice well. Pour it into a glass and top it up with orange zest. 

Dark Fantasy 

It features Kinnaur cherry liquor fortified with Ghana chocolate. The flavour is dry with a hint of sweet chocolate, sour orange and cherry notes. It adds incredible complexity to cocktails because of its unexpected flavour. When you add it to cocktails, it adds a hint of brightness and roundness to the sip.

A glass of dark fantasy, Image By: Old Fox, Araiya Palampur 


  •  Cherry Liquor-60ml
  •  Chocolate sauce-15ml 
  •  Cranberry Juice-90ml 
  •  Dried Orange Roundel
  •  Dark Compound for lacing the glass brim


Mix all ingredients except dried orange roundel and dark chocolate compound in a blender. Now prepare a glass by lacing the brim with dark chocolate. Pour the boozy concoction into it and garnish with a dried orange roundel.