Eggs are one of the most popular food items when it comes to everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and even when baking desserts. But there is a point of contention when we discuss what’s healthier- egg white or the yolk. Some people avoid the yolk due to the presence of high amount of fats in it and only consume the egg white. And so, egg yolks are often left out of meals, due to popular belief that consuming it can result in a spike in blood cholesterol levels. But then what do we do with all that extra yolk that is left after the whites are separated? Unfortunately, it mostly ends up in the dustbin, which is a huge waste of this very versatile ingredient. Egg yolks are rich in some essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D and even calcium and iron, and the best part is that they can be used in many other delicacies.  

And this is exactly why we are here to tell you the many ways you can use that leftover yolk. So, the next time you make egg white omelette, and decide to throw away the yolk, remember these ideas and stop right there.

1. Make Mayonnaise

If you didn’t know, egg yolk is one of the primary ingredients in mayonnaise. Yes, the mayonnaise you use as sandwich spread, or a salad dressing, the creamy and rich spread. And while you can get it from the market, homemade mayonnaise is any day a healthier alternative. Besides you can make it thicker and creamier if you make it yourself at home with leftover yolk.

2. Frostings

Love those creamy frostings over cakes and cupcakes? You can make them at home by simply combining the leftover egg yolk with sugar, vanilla essence and milk or cream. Toss in any other added flavours or ingredients that you may like.  

3. Thicken Soups

Thin and runny gravies and soups aren’t really a hit with many people. So to make it thicker, egg yolks can be your rescuer. With a low water content and high-fat content, egg yolks act as perfect emulsifiers to soups and curries.