3 Tips To Make Soft And Fluffy Adhirasam At Home
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @healthyway.in

Adhirasam, a traditional south Indian sweet, is prepared chiefly at the Diwali and served as an offering or prasad in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka temples. Adhirasam is an oversweet doughnut-like pastry made of a filling of jaggery syrup and rice deep fried in desi ghee or oil. With Diwali just around the corner, a horde of Indian women from every corner of our country is engaged in preparing Diwali special goodies. If you are looking to prepare adhirasam at home this time, here are some tips and tricks you can refer to while making them, as these are sure to help you out. Who doesn’t want perfectly soft and well-shaped adhirasam just like the ones you get in the market? So here are three tips to follow.

1. Never overfill the balls

Stuffing your adhirasam with rice and jaggery in the right amount is necessary because if you overfill them, it is inevitable that your adhirasam will break or the whole stuffing will come out while frying them in oil or ghee. So always make sure to take both the ingredients in proper measurement.

2. Leave the dough for at least 4-5 days

It is advised to leave the dough for fermentation for about 4-5 days in sunlight as the longer you leave your dough for, the fluffier and softer your adhirasam will be. However, if you want to prepare it instantly, let it ferment for at least an hour or two. 

3. It is recommended to homemade rice flour

The most authentic style with which adhirasams are prepared is homemade rice flour instead of the one bought from the market. The local people always suggest using homemade rice flour as a homemade one helps in better binding and contains some moisture necessary for making this South Indian sweet at home as it gives it the puff you need.

You have about just a week left for Diwali so start with the preparation of adhirasam that will sate all your tweet tooth cravings this festive season. Here’s the recipe for making adhirasam at home.