Gajar Ka Halwa – the name is enough to make us curl up in bed with the most comfortable quilt and a bowl of fresh and warm serving of this lip-smacking treat. Nothing spells winter indulgence like Gajar ka Halwa. Don’t you think? Honestly, it is synonymous to winters for me. I have fond memories of my whole family coming together to make this ghee-laden treat at home. While my father collected the best of carrots, washed them and then also made sure to choose the best of nuts, my brother and I grated the carrots. But of course, my mother has always been the leader and cooked it all together and gave it a magical touch. It just seems like it bought all of us together, and it still does. Enjoying it post-dinner every other day in the winter season is sort of ritualistic now.  

Made with seasonal carrots that are naturally a little sweet, there is nothing like ending your meal with a bowl of sweet and milky gajar ka halwa. How we wish we could prepare it sooner and in an easier fashion. Grated and shredded carrots or gajar, cooked in milk along with sugar, ghee, nuts and dry fruits, this halwa is no less than a royal treat. And thus, like all good things, this too takes its own sweet time.

The only reason why many of us don’t prefer making it at home and order from the restaurants is the feeling that we may not able to make it like a restaurant chef. But well, you won’t know for sure if you don't try. Here are certain tips and tricks that may help you make perfect gajar ka halwa this time around.


1. Choosing the right carrots

Gajar ka halwa is all about gajar, of course. So choosing the right ones for your decadent treat is key. While the regular orange carrots are great and can be used, the deep red carrots from Dehradun are known to be one of the best as they are sweeter and juicier than the regular ones.  

2. Be generous with ghee

Sugar-free gajar ka halwa or less-sugar is fine, but do not be stingy with ghee. Most of the traditional recipes for Gajar ka Halwa boasts of generous amounts of ghee and that’s one of the major reasons why it is an indulgent treat for most of us.

3. Do not compromise on time

A quick and delicious gajar ka halwa recipe is a myth and perhaps won’t give you the true experience of it since the primary step of it is to cook the carrots to perfection, and there’s no hack or shortcut to it. If the gajar isn't cooked enough, you won’t get the soft and mushy texture of it along with a fusion of flavours that it is known for.  For instance, a kg of carrots can take up to 40 minutes with ghee to cook, and this is before adding the milk. When the milk and sugar are added, it will further take another 30-35 minutes till the sugar is mixed with the carrots. Patience is the key here.

If you are planning to make the winter sweet treat at home, make sure you plan that over the weekend when you have ample amount of time. And to make it even easier, we’ve got a perfect recipe right here.