Puttu is steamed rice cakes that are a staple south Indian breakfast. This traditional South Indian breakfast dish is prepared using rice flour, layered with coconut shavings, and then steamed. It is always served hot and relished by accompanying it with curries, palm sugar, or banana. Puttu is quite delicious, nutritious, and definitely one of the healthiest dishes you can make at home. The next time you crave a typical south Indian dish in the morning, move over idli, dosa and give puttu a try. However, if you are not well-experienced at making puttu at home, worry not. We have a bunch of simple and useful tips for your rescue. So without further ado, let’s begin with the tips and tricks you must remember.  

1. Do not add excess water

While making a mixture for puttu, the amount of water plays a very important role. You must add water slowly instead of pouring it all at once. The texture of the mixture must be crumbly without any sign of lumps. You can check the same by taking the mixture between your palms. Getting the right texture implies a softer puttu.    

2. Use puttu maker

There are two methods of making puttu at home. One is the authentic way of making it in a cylindrical vessel called a puttu steamer. The other method involves making it in a pressure cooker instead. Making use of a puttu maker helps ease the process and gives it the desired shape.

3.Always use good quality rice flour

Puttu can be prepared using two types of rice flour which include wheat and red rice flour. Whichever rice flour you are using, make sure to use a good quality one. Fresh and good-quality rice flour will ensure better taste and softness of your homemade puttu.