Thattai is a traditional South Indian snack made using rice flour which is then deep fried in oil. It is a popular tea-time snack in most South Indian homes. Thattai is also prepared and relished on special occasions like Janmashtami and Diwali. This deep-fried South Indian dish is known by more than just one name. In Karnataka, people call it Nipattu, while in Andhra it is known as Chekkalu. It is ultimately loved for its delicious taste and the added crispness, crunchiness and of course its lip-smacking flavours. To make this yummy snack, first a dough is kneaded using some typical ingredients such as rice flour and urad dal which is mixed with various seasonings. A few balls are made out of the dough which are flattened and then deep fried in oil until golden and crisp. Save these three tips and tricks that will brush you up before you get down to cooking.  

1. Use a good quality rice flour

Be it any south Indian snack, the first and foremost step you must take into consideration is using a good quality flour. So while making a dough for Thattai, make sure to use rice flour of good quality. Using a good quality rice flour will bring you delicious and market-style Thattai at home.  

2. Knead a soft yet smooth dough

Always knead a smooth dough that is neither too soft nor too hard. Getting the perfect dough is the key to crunchy, crispy and tasty homemade Thattai. So add water accordingly while kneading. Once the dough is ready, there is no need to leave the dough to stand. Start making the balls immediately after it is ready. 

3. Flatten the balls using a steel bowl

When it's your turn to start making the balls, take some portions of the dough and roll them into the shape of a ball using your hands. Cover the balls with a cellophane sheet and flatten them by gently pressing it using a steel bowl with a flat surface. In fact, you can use any small utensil with a flat surface that can help in flattening the balls.  

Now it's your time to shine and ace crispy Thattai at home. Click here for the full recipe.