Koftas are creamy balls that are usually made up of ground meat such as chicken, beef, lamb and mutton. A mixture is prepared using spices and flour, shaped into a ball, and then deep-fried. Once koftas are prepared, they are dunked in a flavorful curry. Although, koftas do not necessarily have to be prepared with just meat. Since the time koftas made their way to India, we have adapted them in numerous ways. There are many delicious varieties of veg koftas such as lauki kofta, malai kofta, vegetable kofta that can make an excellent addition to your spread. Making koftas is simple but sometimes getting restaurant-like soft koftas seems like quite a task. So are you craving perfectly soft homemade koftas too? Follow our tricks and consider your target achieved. Here are three tips and tricks to keep in mind

1. Stuff with paneer for softness

The simplest trick to get softer koftas at home is by stuffing them with a mixture of paneer. Paneer not only adds to the softness but also gives your kofta a creamier taste. So the next time you are making veg koftas, stuff them with paneer.

2. Use breadcrumbs

Another ingredient you can use while making koftas is breadcrumbs. Making use of breadcrumbs can provide a crispy coating to it. Breadcrumbs also help in better binding which can prevent your koftas from breaking down into pieces during frying. Most people use breadcrumbs while making meatballs so try out this hack soon. 

3. The mixture must be of thick consistency

One important step to look after is the consistency of the mixture.  Whatever ingredients you are using to make your koftas, make sure you get the consistency right. The mixture must always be thick and dense. This helps the kofta to hold its shape while frying. 

Here is the recipe if you wish to try it at home.