Smoothie and smoothie bowls have become quite a popular morning meal for health enthusiasts around the world. The thick shake made from fruits, veggies, nuts and yogurt have become quite a rage in the past few years, not just because they pack a whole lot of nutrients together and are delicious too, but also how stunningly vibrant they look! No wonder they have been a rage on Instagram too. Be it the bright red berry smoothies or the luscious mango one, topped with crunchy seeds and nuts, smoothies are a delight! Beautifully plated smoothie bowls have a separate fan base among millennials. 
And on top of everything they are so easy to make! All you need is a couple of fruits or veggies, add a flavour if you want like maple syrup or honey, blend them together and that’s all! You can top it with chia seeds, flax seeds, chopped almonds or berries and you are good to go. Depending upon the ingredients you use, your smoothie bowl can be as nutritious and delicious as you want it to be! All this explains the popularity of smoothie bowls even at juice bars and cafes across the world. The colours, the easy recipes and a pack of healthy nutrients!  
Some people often confuse shakes with smoothies but there’s a difference, and a big one. On one hand, smoothies are made by blending yogurt, fruits, seeds and purees into literally a smooth consistency, this is exactly why they are called smoothies. They are quite filling and can replaces a meal since they are brimming with fruits, veggies, yogurt, seeds, etc. Whereas, shakes are primarily made with milk and ice creams and may contain ample of fruits and additional flavours. 
Smoothies and smoothie bowls differ just by a little consistency. While you can simply blend your mix a little runny and smoother, pour in a glass and drink, you can make a smoothie bowl by making it thicker and present in a bowl topped with seeds and nut!  

Here are 3 Amazing Smoothie Bowls You Can Try For Your Next Morning Meal: 

1. Very Berry Smoothie Bowl 
A vibrant mix of frozen blueberries and raspberries with yogurt! This berry bowl is blended to sooth perfection and served topped with berries and flaxseeds/chia seeds! 
2. Tropical Smoothie Bowl 
A summer special smoothie bowl with mangoes and litchi blended with yogurt and to a thick and smooth mix and topped with chia seeds, chopped mangoes and litchis. 

3. Strawberry Smoothie Bowl 
A personal favourite! Tarty and sweet strawberries blended with plain yogurt a handful of basil leaves, and a teaspoon of maple syrup for flavour. The smooth mix is lined with fresh strawberries on top along with chia seeds and nuts! You can also use honey instead of maple syrup if you want.