3 Easy Recipes That Don’t Need Too Many Ingredients
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For anyone who doesn’t prefer to share their apartment or living space, a fully-loaded kitchen with all ingredients is a rare sight. Even if a couple or two people are living, the kitchen is mostly about a handful of essential items that can be cooked easily and quickly. 

While juggling office work, meetings, and other household chores, it can be quite the task to stock up your kitchen regularly, and cook an elaborate meal. But did you know that even in the absence of a variety of ingredients, you can make dishes that don’t require too many ingredients? We’ve got a few options for you right here.

1. Dates and Oats Bars 

Sweet and sticky dates combined with crunchy and wholesome oats, this energy-dense snack is perfect for your hunger pangs. Here’s the recipe.  


2 cups of plump dates (soaked overnight) 

1 cup oats (lightly ground -just a few pulses) 

¼ cup filtered water (optional) 


. Pulsate water and dates in a food processor until a thick smooth paste. 

. Add the oats, pulsate until blended.

. Press into the bottom of a glass pan to about 1/2" thickness and let it chill. 

. Once chilled and firm, cut and serve. 


2. Flourless Chocolate Cake 

If you’ve got some eggs and Nutella at home, and wish to celebrate a special occasion with a cake, here’s a 2-ingredient cake recipe for you. 


4 eggs 

240 gms Nutella


. Grease a round springform pan of about 6 inches, and line with parchment paper on sides and on bottom. 

. Preheat the oven to 350F.  

. Beat eggs on high speed with a mixer for about 6 minutes. 

. Now, microwave the Nutella for about 20 seconds to make it softer.  

. Add in 1/3 of the egg mixture. 

. Stir with a spatula until all of the egg is mixed in, followed by another ⅓ of egg mixture and fold again until no egg streaks remain. 

. Pour in the remaining third and make sure to scrape the foam that sticks to the mixing bowl into the batter and stir well. 

. Pour batter into a springform pan. 

. Bake for 25 minutes or until the knife inserted comes out clean. 

. Let the cake cool before cutting and serving. 


3. Potato Shots 

Aloo and salt are all you need for this crunchy, crispy snack. It’s perfect to nibble any day along with your cup of hot chai. Here’s the recipe.


2 potatoes 

½ tbsp salt 



. First peel the potatoes with a peeler, and then cut them from the centre into three halves, and then further into medium cubes. 

. Now take chilled water in a bowl and put the cubes into it for about 5 minutes to get rid of the starch. It helps in the potato shots to be crispier. You can wash it if required to remove more starch. 

. Now, take hot water in a bowl and add salt to it, followed by potato cubes for about 5-6 minutes. 

. After 5 minutes, spread the potato cubes on a clean cloth to remove excess water. 

. Now, deep fry the potato cubes in hot oil on medium flame.  

. If you want, and if available, you can add in more spices on fried potato shots before serving hot.