3 Chocolate Milkshakes That Are All Things Delightful
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Don’t we all love to drool over those huge, loaded chocolate shakes at almost every café we visit? It is definitely one of the most frequently ordered beverages at most restaurants. However, the task is to choose the best chocolate milkshake when you have too many options in front of you. Often, a chocolate shake may look extremely tempting, but on tasting it doesn’t meet expectations. While some may turn out to be bitter, some taste too sweet, while the others are simply packed with Nutella.

Sometimes, you may even come across shakes that taste as heavenly as they look. But ever thought if you could make those shakes at home too? 

Most of the time, we serve our guests soft drinks because they are more accessible, and easier to prepare than chocolate shakes. But let’s be honest, you can try these shakes at home and surprise your guests with the unexpected. 

In fact, you can simply try making them, usually with our recipes at Slurrp. Yes, they are that easy. And after all, the only way to always be sure about a chocolate milkshake's taste is by making one yourself. 

It is not as hard as it may seem. All you need to do is add some specific ingredients to make it flavourful and tasty. Making milkshakes at home allows one to have complete control over how you want your milkshake to taste like, how sweet and crunchy they need to be and the type of chocolate you want to use. That way, you’d also know how fresh the ingredients are. So, if the mention of making chocolate milkshakes at home has got you excited and slurping, here is a list of easy-to-make chocolate shakes that you can relish without leaving your home or picking up the phone to place an order. Remember, you can always add or skip the ingredients as per your choice. If you feel that a certain milkshake is already filled with too much chocolate, you can go easy on the other ingredients. 

1. Oreo Chocolate Shake 

What is better than a chocolate shake that boasts the crunch of chocolate Oreo cookies? The added crunchiness of the cookies in the shake not only makes it more interesting and surprising, but also gives a unique spin to your usual shake.   

2. Chocolate Coffee Shake 

If you are a fan of cold coffee, this shake is just the perfect one for you. A great way to boost your energy level on a summer day, this chocolate coffee shake with cocoa powder and vanilla bean coconut ice cream is one unforgettable one. 

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake 

A blessing for those who love peanut butter and chocolate, this rich shake that requires only a few ingredients – chocolate, syrup, creamy peanut butter and chocolate ice cream - complement each other in a way that adds to the flavour of the shake. You can play around with the garnishing and use chocolate-dipped cookies or fluffernutter sandwich squares.