3 Cachaca Cocktail That Will Certainly Lift Up Your Mood

Cachaca is a distilled spirit that is produced by fermented sugarcane juice in copper stills. It is a prevalent spirit in Brazil, profoundly used as prime ingredients in a ton of cocktails. Besides serving as a national spirit of Brazil, it is well-known globally in the making of majorly tropical cocktails. Luckily, India imports cachaca from Brazil, so don’t worry about finding cachaca in India because it's readily available and found in almost every state. The list of cachaca cocktails is endless, but here are some to win over your heart for sure, so relish the tropical flavours and vibes by slurping on these popular cocktails from all over the world. 

1. Caipirinha

Caipirinha is one of the best yet most popular Brazilian drinks of cachaca and some simple ingredients such as sugar and lime. Since it's a well-known cocktail globally, it’s a must for you to try. Caipirinha is traditionally relished by pairing it with a Brazilian stew dish known by the name, Feijoada. Add it up on your go-to cocktails list, or blend one right away! 

2. Batida

Batida is the national alcoholic drink of Brazil that is blended using cachaca, coconut milk and sugar with lots of ice cubes. This cocktail’s unique because it uses the most simple yet flavorful ingredients that suit everyone’s taste and tickle their taste buds with ideal flavours. 

Fun fact: Did you know that the word’ batida’ means shakes or milkshakes. 

3. Rado-de-galo

Rado-de-galo is another Brazilian drink that uses cachaca and red vermouth, typically straight up served in large shot glasses. The style that most bartenders adopt while making this drink is that they ‘eyeball’ the two ingredients, adjusting or tweaking the proportions to the customer’s taste and desire. This cocktail dates back to the mid-1900s and is also popularly known as ‘Tracado', a Portuguese word for ‘mixed’. So go and grab your glass of rado-de-galo