3 Best Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Holi
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Daily household chores, dealing with kids, office deadlines, daily commuting, adults bearing financial pressures, kids facing the academic challenges, the list is endless in every Indian child, man and woman’s life, that gets them mentally and physically stressed out. Thus on this, Holi, Dietician and Nutritionist Avni Kaul, appeals to every Indian man and woman to start caring about their physical and emotional health - in case you have not started it yet. While you cannot escape from your daily routine, you surely can bring a few positive changes in your life by giving positive attention to your daily diet intake, timing your diet and going to bed on time.

Three best gifts you can give yourself on this holi

Gift of healthy snacks

When you skip a good breakfast, you substitute it with deep unhealthy snacks like deep-fried samosas, bread-pakoras or junk food like burgers, pizzas, rolls, noodles, etc., at your workplace or educational centres. Unhealthy snacks bought from outside commonly trigger weight gain, digestive issues, and long-term damage to health. So, instead of going full throttle on Gujias, and fried snacks, this Holi, gift yourself healthy snacks for the rest of your life. Commit to storing healthy snacks in your bag and at home like nuts, roasted chana, makhana, fruits, carrots, etc. So, whenever you feel hungry at the office or home, you can grab some of these and munch.

Gift of healthy breakfast

The morning hours are commonly the craziest in every urban Indian man and woman’s life. They have to prepare lunch boxes, get kids ready and drop them at school or bus stops, prepare for the office, drive to their office, and in all this rush, many adults often ignore their breakfast, which is vital for overall health wellbeing. Poor breakfast is one of the significant reasons that trigger poor nutrition-related diseases, tiredness and lethargy throughout the day, and overeating by the end of the day, which hastens weight gain.

Gift of sleep

If you plan to play Holi the whole day, your energy levels need to be on top, and one of the primary reasons for poor sleep is not going to bed on time. In addition, poor sleep triggers poor mental health and heart conditions. So, ensure that you go to bed on time a day before Holi and get adequate sleep to avoid feeling lethargic. If you practice that regularly, your body will start to develop the habit of falling asleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow.