3 Authentic Thukpa Places In Majnu Ka Tilla
Image Credit: thukpa/ unsplash.com

The best spot to find tasty, inexpensive meals is Majnu Ka Tilla (MKT). The majority of the restaurants are managed by Tibetans, and while talks can occasionally become challenging, the cuisine is always fantastic.

The area, which is close to Delhi University's North Campus, is populated by residents, ex-pats, and students. The eastern region of Tibet is where thukpa, a noodle soup popular in Nepal and Tibet, got its start. Among the Indians (particularly Ladakhis and Sikkimis), Tibetans, and Nepalese, Amdo thukpa (specifically thenthuk) is a well-known variety. According to one definition, tukpa is a general term used in Tibet for any soup or stew that includes noodles. People of Nepalese and Tibetan descent in India's Sikkim state, Darjeeling district, and Ladakh union region consume the dish. Here is what we found after travelling to search for all the undiscovered gastronomic treasures. Thukpa is a real treasure in winter because it is power packed with everything you need, from veggies to chicken and noodles! Here are some places in Majnu ka tilla that serve delicious thukpa and have amazing vibes!

Himalayan Restaurant

You should definitely have that glass of apple beer at yet another fantastic location. Additionally, their Thukpa soup, Chicken Momo, Tigmo, Butter Garlic Chicken, Chili Garlic Noodles, and Prawn Chilly are all deserving of a try. It has a cosy vibe and the Himalayan cuisine served here is a treat for winter! Their chicken thukpa is worth a try.

Price for two-  Rs 500

Rigo Restaurant

Another excellent location to visit for Tibetan and Chinese cuisine is Rigo Restaurant. Rigo is renowned for its Chicken Devil momos, as well as other traditional meals such as Thukpa or Kimchi. While you're there, try their apple beer as well as the other dishes. Thukpa here is a blend of Tibetan flavours and is surely a treat!

Price for two- Rs 500

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Koko is a fantastic location to enjoy delicious Tibetan food. Great thukpa, meat dishes, and buff dishes can be found here. Along with the cuisine, they serve delicious drinks like Tibetan tea, lemon tea, and tea with relaxing peaches. Try their buff thukpa and you'll be transported to the chilly lands of the Himalayas!

Price for two- Rs 600