10 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Fresh And Hygienic
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Keeping your house clean is extremely important to make sure that you do not get ill because of a lack of hygiene. But keeping your kitchen clean  is more important than anything else because all the food that is consumed by family members is cooked in the kitchen. Moreover, raw food and utensils are also stored in the kitchen. It is a place where all the magic happens, which is why it requires frequent cleaning to make sure that it is free from any kind of germs and infestation. Because of our busy lifestyles, we do not get the time to perform deep cleaning frequently. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your kitchen fresh and hygienic all the time without much effort.

* Assign Cleaning Days

It is very important to be proper with your kitchen cleaning schedule. Do not procrastinate cleaning as it can become an even bigger task with time. Assign particular days for the kitchen cleaning. What you can do is give two days dedicated to kitchen cleaning every week. You can allot one day for deep cleaning and the other day for dusting and slab cleaning. These days can be divided equally among family members so that one person doesn't have to take all the stress. Instead of deep cleaning once a month, do it once a week. This way even deep cleaning won't take a lot of your time.

* Use Free Time Wisely

Make the most use of your free time while in the kitchen. There are a lot of times when we put something to cook on the gas and have to wait for it to cook. We can't leave the food on its own and there is no active work for us to do as well. You can use this downtime to clean your slabs and organise your cupboards. Other than cleaning the furniture in the kitchen, it is also very important to make sure that your storage containers and pantry are also very clean. You can use this downtime to clean something and not get bored by just standing in the kitchen.

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* Clean Spills Instantly

It is very common for the food to get spilt while cooking or pouring it into containers. Never delay cleaning your spills because they leave a permanent mark on the kitchen slab. Also, it is an attraction for both germs and bacteria. It may also lead to insect infestation in your kitchen which can be disastrous. You can simply avoid all of these unnecessary problems by cleaning the spills instantly. A lot of times we also spill food in between gas slabs by mistake. Make sure that you also clean your gas slabs carefully and not leave them dirty.

* Drain Sink Immediately 

Draining your sink immediately after washing your utensils is very important to avoid bacterial growth. You can instantly wipe the sink with some fresh water. It will prevent the spread of a foul smell in your kitchen from the dirty water left after washing your utensils. Also, make sure that you throw the leftover food from the utensils in a separate bag before washing them in the sink. This food can lead to the clogging of your sink pipe which may further create problems.

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* Never Leave Dirty Utensils On The Counter

Avoid leaving dirty utensils full of leftover food on the kitchen counters. Not only does it look messy, but it also spreads a very unpleasant smell in your kitchen. Also, it becomes very hard for you to later on clean everything without breaking or spilling something. In case you have a lot of guests at home, try to use paper plates instead of crockery. This is because you can directly dump it instead of having to clean it. Also, avoid leaving dirty utensils in the kitchen sink for a long time.

* Keep Kitchen Floor Clean

Keeping your kitchen floor clean is as important as keeping your kitchen slabs clean. The kitchen is the epicentre of the house and is frequently visited by all the members for one purpose or the other. Leaving the kitchen floor unclean will lead to the spread of dirt in all the other parts of the house. Develop a simple habit of sweeping the kitchen floor every day. This will ensure the proper maintenance of kitchen hygiene.

These are some of the simple ways to ensure having a clean kitchen at home. The key to having a hygienic kitchen is to maintain consistency and do something every day so that every task doesn't get stacked up for you in the end.