10 Non-Stuffed Veggie Parathas For Your Afternoon Snack Pack

Parathas or a stuffed flatbread is a tempting staple in many northern regions of India and are served with generous dollops of butter, pickles, curd and salad. There are many variations of the stuffed paratha that works both, as a lunch main and a hearty carb loaded breakfast that gives you enough energy to take on the day. While parathas have travelled to all corners of the country, with different kinds of accompaniments paired with different parathas, each one offers great taste and a feeling of fullness.

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In Maharashtra too, parathas are made in many households but instead of stuffing a dough ball with the usual ingredients like paneer, onions, gobi or mooli, these are flatbreads rolled out like a chapati and roasted on the tava to be served warm with ghee and chutney. This recipe involves blending vegetable puree or steamed and mashed vegetables in whole wheat flour and kneading this mixture into a dough that is rolled out into parathas. 

Each of these paratha variations ensures that you take in your veggie intake and is a clever trick to get kids to eat their share of veggies too! Akin to a Gujarati thepla, a non-stuffed paratha is full of flavour and can be easily packed and carried in a tiffin. Read on below for some popular paratha varieties that are excellent alternatives to pack in a lunch box:

Palak Paratha

As its name suggests, this paratha is a simple flatbread made by mixing spinach puree in a whole wheat dough. The deep green hues of the puree bring out all the nourishing goodness of the palak flavoured with green chilli paste, ginger-garlic paste and condiments like turmeric and red chilli powder.

Methi Paratha

For kids who detest eating methi or fenugreek subzi, rolling out a green-coloured paratha is an easy way to get them to eat their leafy greens. A methi paratha takes away all the bitterness from the leaves to instead blend them with red chillies and garlic into a delicious puree that pairs well with the slightly sweet notes of wheat flour.

Beetroot Paratha

A delight to eat and to cook, the deep colours of beetroot juice that ooze into wheat flour before the kneading process begins is sheer joy. Adding some green chilli paste to a helping of beetroot puree renders a bit of a kick to the paratha. Enjoy it with curd and serve hot, lathered in ghee to savour the sweet flavours of beetroot.

Tikhat-Meeth Paratha

This is a comforting paratha to gorge on as a quick afternoon snack especially while at work or in transit. The tikhat-meeth paratha is simply kneaded wheat flour seasoned with some simple flavours of turmeric, red chilli powder, cumin and coriander powders and some freshly chopped coriander, all of which gives it a rather wholesome, lip-smacking flavour.

Mooli-Onion Paratha

Make a paratha out of radishes or mooli if you are averse to the taste of the root vegetable! By mixing grated mooli and onions into a stir-fry which is then added to dough and kneaded carefully so that the veggies mix well with the flour, this paratha becomes an excellent way to incorporate a healthy veg intake into your diet.

Nachni Paratha

Red millet or nachni is excellent for those suffering from low iron and can help to boost haemoglobin levels in the body. Make a plain nachni paratha by kneading the dough in some warm water and allowing it to rest for a while before rolling out deep red-coloured parathas that are filled with nourishing properties.

Dalmooth Paratha

This fun, crispy paratha brings together a beloved munching with wheat flour for a flatbread that is simply an explosion of flavour. Dalmooth paratha is made from the namkeen dal containing sev, tangy spices and of course, crunchy dal. Kneaded into the dough and roasted on the tava, the dalmooth acquires a delicious, toasty texture that pairs well with some sweet curd.

Ajwain Paratha

Ajwain or ova, in Marathi, is beneficial for boosting gut health. A plain paratha or chapati flavoured with ajwain not only elevates the taste of this simple flatbread but also provides the body with a superfood that helps to boost digestion. Ajwain paratha is also a fun flatbread to carry in a tiffin along with a side of raw mango pickle.

Mix Veg Paratha

Take all the veggies you find in the refrigerator, steam them and blend into a puree! Then add this veggie juice into wheat flour and knead to form a soft dough. This is the mix veg paratha, a recipe as much about finishing up all leftover veggies as about pumping the body with essential fibres and nutrients. Serve this paratha warm with a side of curd and homemade groundnut chutney.

Sattu Paratha

Made from sattu flour, this paratha variety is a popular regional recipe in northern India that has now become a favourite across borders. Rich in fibre and protein, sattu paratha is an incredibly healthy option for an afternoon snack pack that pairs well with tangy pickles. Infused with ajwain, it also helps to promote digestion while providing the body with its required nutrient intake.