10 Indian Foods And Drinks You Didn't Know Have Foreign Origins
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Food is a very important part of the lives of Indian people. Our food practices and customs are a living example of all the past and present influences on our culture. Indian cuisine is a heterogeneous blend of various cultures and flavours. Different parts of India have their staple foods that are consumed almost regularly. These foods are a part of the regional identity of the native people. But not all of these foods are essentially of Indian origin. Many of these have been inspired by foreign cultures and then became popular in India. Let's have a look at 10 of the most admired Indian dishes that are not authentically Indian.

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* Paneer

Paneer is a very famous condiment that is used to prepare a variety of dishes, especially in the northern part of India. It is the most favoured option for vegetarians and has a very tender texture. It goes along with almost all kinds of flavours and you will see it being used in Indian curries, parathas, sandwiches, pizza and biryanis. Paneer was introduced in India by Afghan and Persian rulers and wasn't originally invented in India. The people of India liked this condiment so much that it became a part of the mainstream culinary practices of the country. As a result, we have contemporary famous dishes like Paneer tikka and Paneer butter masala.

* Coffee

A lot of people cannot start their day without drinking a cup of strong coffee. It gives instant energy to function on hectic mornings. Filter coffee is such an important part of South Indian cuisine and it is almost a patent symbol for this cuisine. Coffee was first brought to India by Baba Budan from Yemen. Initially, the coffee plants were planted in the Southern part of India, which has led to some of the states like Kerala and Karnataka becoming the prime cultivators of coffee in India. Although Indian coffee has its taste, the concept of coffee is not Indian.

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* Biryani

Biryani is one of the most loved dishes in India. It is a masterpiece in its own right and was introduced by Persian invaders in India. Mughals popularised the concept of biryani and since then it has evolved through centuries. It is a beloved dish and you will find so many different varieties of biryani in India. The concept of slow cooking and layering rice with different spices and chicken was not something that Indians knew before this was introduced in our country.

* Jalebi

Rabri and Jalebi is a very popular sweet combination in India. Jalebi was not made In India until it was introduced in the country by Turkish and Persian traders. Jalebi has its roots in the Middle East parts of the world and the whole art of making jalebis became popular only after these traders came to India. Now this crunchy dessert has made a special place in the hearts of Indian people and has become extremely popular in the country.

* Vindaloo

Vindaloo is a dish that is very popular in Goa and is often perceived to be an authentic part of Goan cuisine. It was introduced by the Portuguese in Goa, after which Indian people started making them in their kitchens at home. It is a spicy curry that is traditionally made with pork. However, due to the popularity of chicken in India, you will also find chicken vindaloo. The authentic way of making this dish in Portugal style is different from what Indians follow. There is also a difference in the days because of the difference in the availability of regional spices.

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* Tea

Tea was originally cultivated in China and found its way to India through Britishers. Britishers loved drinking tea and as a result, they started cultivating it in India. The Indian variety of tea is very different from the Chinese variety of tea. Also, Indian tea is made by using a lot of milk and sugar and is called Chai. India's love for Chai blossomed with the years and now it is such an important part of the culture. It is almost a customary drink that is served to guests, available during weddings, and consumed almost daily by people of the country. Due to the popularity of tea in India, it is now grown widely across the country and we are one of the largest producers as well as consumers of tea in the world. 

These are some popular Indian dishes and drinks that do not have Indian origin. Although there are many such drinks and dishes, we tried to bring a list of the staple Indian dishes and drinks that people generally think of as having Indian origin.