10 Indian Dishes In Which Drumstick Is The Star Ingredient
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DRUMSTICK, also known as Moringa, is a quintessential ingredient in Indian cuisine that isn’t talked about as much as it deserves. Its long, slender pods are not only packed with nutrients but also offer a unique flavour that adds depth to various dishes. Most Indian dishes incorporate it in masaledar gravy preparations, daal or simply as a part of a vegetable mélange. In this article, we will take you on a culinary journey through some delightful drumstick preparations found across India.


No discussion about drumsticks would be complete without mentioning Sambar — the iconic South Indian dish renowned for its tangy and aromatic flavours. The addition of drumsticks elevates this lentil-based curry to another level with its subtle earthiness and tender texture. The combination of tamarind-infused broth, freshly ground spices, and vegetables like tomatoes, onions, carrots along with drumsticks creates a symphony of tastes that pairs perfectly with steamed rice or dosas.

Drumstick Thoran 

In Kerala cuisine, drumstick thoran is a popular side dish made by stir-frying chopped drumsticks with grated coconut, mustard seeds (rai), curry leaves, and spices like turmeric and red chilli powder. The result is a simple yet delicious accompaniment bursting with flavours and textures. With its vibrant colours and fresh taste, this thoran adds the perfect balance of crunchiness from coconut along with the mild bitterness of the drumsticks.

Mulakkada Curry

Also known as drumstick curry, this is a popular South Indian dish that showcases the unique flavours of drumsticks. Tender pieces of drumstick are cooked in a flavourful gravy made from freshly ground spices, coconut milk, and tamarind juice. The combination of tangy and mildly spicy flavours makes this curry an absolute delight for the taste buds. It pairs perfectly with steamed rice or rotis, adding a burst of earthiness to every bite. Whether you're a fan of South Indian cuisine or simply looking to explore new flavours, mulakkada curry is a must-try dish that will leave you craving for more.

Drumstick Korma

Indulge yourself with creamy goodness by trying out drumstick korma! In this lip-smacking preparation from Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow; tender pieces of drumstick are cooked slowly in a rich gravy made from yogurt (dahi), cashews (kaju), poppy seeds (khus khus), fresh cream(malai), and a blend of aromatic spices. The result is an opulent dish that will transport your taste buds to new heights of delight.

Drumstick Rasam 

Rasam, the comforting South Indian soup bursting with tangy flavours, gets an extra dimension when drumsticks are added to it. Drumstick rasam combines the goodness of tamarind, tomatoes, spices like black pepper and cumin seeds along with lentils (dal) for a hearty broth. The addition of drumsticks infuses the rasam with its distinct earthiness while providing a delightful contrast in texture. Served hot with steamed rice or enjoyed as a standalone soup; this tangy twist is sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

Murungai Keerai Kootu

Murungai Keerai Kootu is a popular South Indian dish from Tamil Nadu that combines drumstick leaves (murungai keerai) with lentils, coconut, and spices. The nutritious drumstick leaves add a unique taste to the dish while providing numerous health benefits. This comforting kootu is typically enjoyed with steamed rice. 

Shevgyachya Shengaachi Amti 

Shevgyachya shengaachi amti is a spicy drumstick curry from Maharashtra that combines tender drumsticks with coconut, peanuts, jaggery (gur), tamarind paste, and Maharashtrian spice mix known as goda masala. The result is a richly flavoured curry that perfectly balances sweetness, tanginess, and spiciness. This traditional delicacy can be enjoyed with bhakris (rice flour flatbread) or chapatis.

Sojne Data Chorchori

Sojne data chorchori is a traditional Bengali dish that showcases the flavours of drumsticks cooked with vegetables like potatoes, pumpkin, and ridge gourd. It is seasoned with mustard oil and spices such as panch phoron (a blend of five seeds). This simple yet flavourful dish highlights the natural taste of drumsticks along with other seasonal vegetables.

Saragva Nu Shaak 

Saragva nu shaak is a traditional Gujarati curry made with drumsticks and spices. The drumsticks are cooked in a flavourful gravy consisting of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and other spices. This tangy and spicy dish pairs well with hot rotis or steamed rice.

Phalli Ka Salan

A popular dish from Uttar Pradesh in northern India, it’s also known as Sajan Ki Phali Ka Salan. This flavourful curry showcases the mild sweetness of drumsticks, locally known as sajan ki phali. The dish features tender drumsticks cooked in a tangy and spicy gravy made with tamarind pulp, onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices like cumin and mustard seeds. The combination of flavours creates a delightful balance between tanginess and spiciness. Phalli ka salan pairs perfectly with rotis or steamed rice, making it a satisfying and delicious meal for lunch or dinner.

Drumsticks have long been celebrated in Indian cuisine for their versatility and unique flavour profile. Whether incorporated into curries, pickles, soups or enjoyed on their own as fried snacks; these slender pods bring depth and deliciousness to every dish they grace. These dishes offer various ways to incorporate the nutritious and versatile drumsticks into your cooking repertoire.