10 Famous Street Food Markets In India
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Exploring different types of street foods in India is truly an experience of its kind. Numerous types of street foods are a staple in different parts of the country. All of these street foods are special in their ways and come with bold flavours, colours and texture. Many cities in India have a celebrated street food culture, and the natives love devouring it regularly. Such practices have given rise to the development of many street food markets in the country. 

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All these markets are a one-stop solution for all a person's cravings. These street food markets are assorted with different types of shops, all of which serve scrumptious street food. Here is a look at the most celebrated street food markets in the country that attract tourists from different parts of the globe.

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* Mosque Road, Banglore 

Mosque Road is a very famous food market in Bangalore that is situated in Fraser Town. It is famous for different types of delicacies, ranging from biryani, kebabs, samosas, and many continental dishes as well. It is a highly affordable street food market that serves different types of dishes to customers.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Savera Cafe, Charminar Hotel, and Zayan Kebab Corner

Budget: INR 350

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* Ratri Bazar, Vadodara

Gujarat’s Vadodara already has a very vibrant street food culture, and most street food is available at a very decent price. The street food market of Vadodara comes alive at night. Most of the food available at this place is pretty affordable and out of the ordinary. Panipuri and veg biryani are some of the most popular street foods at this market. 

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Marwadi Food Corner and Sangam Bazar

Budget: INR 200- INR 400

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* Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad 

Manek Chowk is another Street Food market from Ahmedabad where different street food vendors sell a lot of special local delicacies. This includes different types of street foods, including dosas and dhoklas, which are very popular in Gujarat. The street food market of Ahmedabad is the perfect place for someone who wants to try authentic Gujarati food. Gotala Dosa and Candbury Pizza are some Insta-famous street foods from this market. 

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Balan Dosa and Bahuchar

Budget: INR 400

* MG Marg, Gangtok

Gangtok is one of the most culinary diverse places in the country. It is the perfect place for someone who wants to try some authentic Sikkimese and other northeastern delicacies. The MG Marg Market of Gangtok is an opportunity for people who want to try delectable momos and Thukpa.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Hotel Sandhya and Roll House

Budget: INR 250

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* Police Bazar, Shillong

Police Bazar in Shillong is an assortment of different types of restaurants with street vendors, all of which serve different types of food from around the world and the ones that are staples in Shillong. One can try different types of delicacies like street-style noodles, momos, kebabs, and wontons.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Qzine Restaurant and Police Bazaar Hotel

Budget: INR 500

* Mohammad Ali Road, Mumbai

Mohammad Ali Road market in Mumbai deserves a place on this list for the versatile array of snacks and sweet food that it offers to all visitors. One can get different types of snacks and desserts, including kebabs, nihari, jalebi, malpua and whatnot. It is the perfect place for someone who wants to have a gastronomic tour of hardcore Indian food and desserts when in Mumbai.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Mashallah Cuisine and Central Restaurant 

Budget: INR 400- INR 600

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* Sarafa Bazar, Indore

Sarafa Bazar from Indore is another street food market in India that lights up during the night. Indore is a city that is famous for its street food culture. It is the city of many unconventional and unorthodox street food. When in Indore, one must have a short trip to the Sarafa Bazar to try different types of snacks and desserts. One can get the special Bhutte Ki Khees and Ghamandi Lassi when in Sarafa Bazaar. 

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Joshi Dahi Bada House and Vijay Chaat House

Budget: INR 250

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* Connaught Place, New Delhi

Delhi is synonymous with street food. The street food culture of Delhi is unparalleled and remains at the top of the game. Although there are a lot of street food markets that are famous in Delhi, Connaught Place is the unmissable one. The street food market of Connaught Place has something for everyone. One can find the most decadent restaurants to decades-old street food shops that sell hard-core northern Indian dishes. One can try bhature chole, famous sandwiches, rajma chawal, and curry chawal. 

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Dhaba Food and Jain Chaiwala

Budget: INR 400

* Ghantaghar Bazar, Jodhpur

Ghantaghar Bazar in Jodhpur is famous for its tantalising street food and the most luscious desserts. One can also find the quintessential dishes from Jodhpur, such as Dal Baati Churma, Shahi Samosa, Gund Pak, and many other food items that are famous among the locals. Just like other street food markets on the list, it is pretty affordable.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Shri Mishrilal Hotel and Dylan Cafe

Budget: INR 300

* New Market, Kolkata

The new market in Kolkata is situated at Lindsay Street. Just like other street food markets, this place also boasts a variety of street food such as momos, chole bhature, chicken roll, dosa, and much more. One can get a lot of regional street foods from Kolkata as well as a lot of contemporary and Western snacks at a very nominal price. The taste is phenomenal, and the price is also pretty affordable for most of the dishes.

Iconic Restaurants To Visit: Biryani House and Nizam’s

Budget: INR 400