10 Different Ways To Eat Raw Paneer For Your Health
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Paneer is a variety of cheese that is extremely popular in India. Indians have made a lot of gravy and dry dishes revolving around paneer and its flavours. Paneer has a very creamy and milky taste, and it goes well specially with a spicy gravy. Everyone is acquainted with the very popular Paneer

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Butter Masala that is enjoyed with crispy Garlic Naan. But the special part about paneer isthat as much as one would like to eat it as a properly cooked delicacy, it can also be eaten as it is without being cooked . There are a lot of creative ways to eat paneer without having to cook it or by minimal use of heat. One can eat it as a healthy snack as paneer is also very rich in protein and healthy fats. Here are some delicious ways to eat raw paneer at home.

* Kaccha Paneer Smoothie

Blending some Kaccha Paneer in the blender with a bit of yoghurt and some fruits can make a delicious and creamy smoothie. This smoothie is not even high in fats as there is no involvement of ingredients like ice cream or heavy cream. It can be a great option for breakfast or as an evening pre-workout snack.

* Paneer Salad

This is probably the simplest way of enjoying some raw paneer and making it a delicious snack. Just mix some crunchy and fresh vegetables that are chopped into small blocks with paneer. Drizzle the salad with some delicious dressing and also sprinkle some chaat masala on the top. This simple recipe can also be prepared by someone who has never cooked before as it involves no cooking.

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* Raw Paneer Roll

This is another great way of enjoying raw Paneer and having a healthy and hearty meal. Simply  make a chapati, and then add some sautéed vegetables on top of the chapati. Now add some raw paneer pieces and sprinkle some chaat masala and other handfuls of spices on top. Twist the chapati into a roll and enjoy it with a homemade chutney.

* Paneer Parfait

If someone is craving a delicious parfait then one can simply crumble some fresh paneer, and then add some fruits of choice. This may include strawberries, bananas, cherries, or any other fruit. To make it more fulfilling, some pre-prepared oats can also be layered. This is a great option to avoid unhealthy snacks and eat something that is not only tasty but also nutritious.

* Paneer Dip

This is a great way to enjoy raw paneer and might sound very astonishing to some people as making a dip out of paneer sounds quite unbelievable. But blending paneer with some milk makes a very creamy and thick paste. One can choose to use the creamy and thick paste made with raw paneer instead of using high-fat cream. Also, the other way of using this mixture is by mixing some spices and making a dip out of it.

* Paneer Tartlets

Tartlets are decadent desserts that are also quite expensive. Although everyone will agree that this desert tastes heavenly, it is not one of the healthiest options available. An economical way of enjoying tartlets at home and also making them healthier than the market version is by making a base of the tartlets with the help of some raw paneer. These tartlets can be mixed with some herbs spices and toppings of choice.

* Paneer Kebabs

This is probably the easiest way of eating raw paneer by minimum cooking involved. One has to simply take some blocks of raw paneer and marinate it in a mixture of flavourful yoghurt that is synthesised with some delicious spices. Then just put the paneer kebabs on the top of a griller and serve them with some delicious dips. This can be made instantly at home and is also a lot healthier as compared to other snacks.

* Paneer Ice Cream

Paneer ice cream is another mind-blowing idea to use Kaccha Paneer to make a delicious delicacy. Some raw paneer must be mixed with milk and a fruit of choice to give it a good flavour. It can also be mixed with some chocolate or any other flavourful condiment like butterscotch. It will form a flavourful and creamy mixture that must be frozen in the refrigerator for some time. Then, with the help of scoops, one can prepare delicious ice creams by buying cones from the market.

These are some of the top ways to enjoy raw paneer at home through different ways.